Thursday, March 21, 2019


Tarot Haunting

E.B. Sullivan

Review by Roy Murry, Author

This novel is a fun read with a predictable ending. After all, it is a romance story with an interesting twist that keeps the reader engaged.

There are roadblocks in Cassie's story. She has her doubts as to her evaluations of situations never encounter in her sheltered life after taking a position in New York City with a TV personality. She becomes the historical researcher for his show.

Whether you are religious or not, the reader will enjoy how Ms. Sullivan equates Tarot Cards to Cassie's faith base Biblical rules. After Cassie reads/interprets a card, the story moves forward for the good or the bad in her relationships with her boss, Jared, and her over religious protective family.

That movement has some twists and turns that the reader will laugh at and maybe cry a tear in some places, wishing the best for Cassandra on her journey of self-realization.  It all works out in the end. Maybe?

'One sitting' read for the romance lover waiting for the punch line.

Quite enjoyable. I think I am a Romantic. LOL

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