Saturday, April 20, 2019


The Sweet Taste of Sin


Review by Roy Murry, Author

When you give up something precious of yourself, you will never get it back. That loving act is the beginning and the underlining love keeping the main character engaged with the past, present, and possible future of her romance. 

Ashlyn falls in love with a famous person, a Fontaine, in film school college. Handsome and wealthy Dante falls in love with her also, but there is a side of him that he will not let her in. They break up.

Then the story begins a few years later, and all emotions come to light again with an unfortunate event. Here is where the Taste of Sin starts with conversations and acts of sin that lead to another 'On again; off again,’ rollercoaster ride that does not seem to end.

However, it does end. Romantics will like the end; others will not. However, the written emotional conversations will keep the reader hoping for the best, as they should in a well put together beginning of a series - THE FONTAINES. 

Only reading on, will the love affair be fully developed between Ashlyn and Dante. It's worth the chase to get the series - the first book free on KINDLE.


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