Friday, May 10, 2019




Review by Roy Murry, Author

As my family, friends, and few fans know, I have written three novels, a poetry book, a few papers, and each week write a book review on my blog. Lately, I have written little - mostly book reviews.

I needed a boost to get over my writer’s block. I looked for solutions because many have asked me what was my 'Work-In-Process' at the moment. I didn’t tell the whole truth.

I saw FENG SHUI FOR WRITERS and thought 'What the hell,' and bought the book. I needed an 'Awakening' to start writing again daily.

Ms. Simon's easy to read instructions on how to regulate energy in the writing area was exciting and in detail. She advises as to where to put your desk, what goes on it, and to the direction, it should be facing according to Feng Shui.

She explains what is Feng Shui and gives a pep talk on how to get writing. She got me thinking – could this work.

Her plausible solutions will lead each type of writer to the energy points needed for results, using theories that may be questionable. However, Ms. Simon came across as a believer and convinced me enough to give them a try.

It was an enjoyable read even if you are not a believer. I’ll get back to you all if it changes my mood and I am writing my fourth novel.

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