Friday, June 21, 2019




Review by Roy Murry, Author

Garrett Goodlove (Really?) is a criminal defender turned family lawyer because of a personal tragedy in his life? That changes when he decides to defend a person accused of murder, his twin sister.

Her special needs are part of the underlining story, which brought light to something many of us do not think about - deafness. Because of this affection, some drama adds twists to the novel will please the reader.

The main plot has an intriguing events in it that come to light in the trial section, which Goodlove takes advantage of for the defense; and at one point he is conned by a beautiful lady. The suspense will keep the reader reading to the end, which will be a surprise, even to the victim's accomplice.

One of the best trial novels I have read lately - fast and not drowned in legalize wordage. I will go back to read another of Al's dramas in the future. You should read at least one.

Sunday, June 16, 2019


When The Music Ends


Review by Roy Murry, Author

This melodramatic love story has its ups and downs. The writing is excellent, but the drama is too much for a novel. For Romance lovers, you'll cry a lot.

The main characters click - her at eighteen and in High School, while he is four years her elder, but she has loved him forever..., her best friend's brother.  

From here, the story goes through all the emotions that lovers endear including her first sexual experience. However, the ending is not what you would expect of a novel titled When The Music Ends, because it does not, she is still playing her Oboe at the end, and a new series is born.

The twist and turns keep the reader involved and are worth the read.

Sunday, June 2, 2019


Peter Clancy Series (Book 5)


Review by Roy Murry, Author

This book is the second of the series I have read, and it stands alone crossing the USA and introducing new characters. Peter's self-confidence is still battling the criminal element with his investigative style.

Peter Clancy's astute cognitive thinking gets him into cliff-hanging episodes the ordinary reporter wouldn't venture. Helping an SFPD inspector, he gets inside information that evolves into front-page news and Peter very close to the criminal element.

In the FLAMEKEEPER, TW's protagonist becomes one of the main characters of his news stories because he is so close to the flame he may burn. These close encounters are thrilling enough to keep the reader involved at a good reading pace. 

This novel is entertaining and keeps the reader connected. Everything I look for in a good read, page-turner.