Monday, August 19, 2019

Review of JUSTICE on TRIAL


Mollie Hemingway
  Carrie Severino

Review by Roy Murry, Author

Qualified people may not care to become a member of the Supreme Court because of the way confirmation is run. Until reading Ms. Hemingway and Ms. Severino's history of the Kavanaugh nomination and hearings, which reads like a suspense novel, I had no idea of what transpired behind the scenes.

When the hearings were on TV and in the news, I didn't pay attention and had problems of my own to resolve.  So, Mr. Kavanaugh selection for the court was not one of my priorities, and I do not indulge in watching any news programs on cable.

I am sad to say this description of how the public and the Congress securitize a candidate, positively and negatively, is mind-boggling.  I consider myself intelligent, and I am wondering what happened to the people of the USA, especially the ones they continue to put in the Senate.

The twist and turns in this story is unbelievable.  What happens to people that want to serve as an Associate Justice is appalling - all for political reasons.

I agree with the authors, paraphrased: The process should be about qualifications, character, approach to judging and the role of the federal judiciary. Putting candidates through pretentious bullshit that some Senators spout is not the way to conduct oneself.

I commend the ladies for bringing to light their view of what happened to Mr. Kavanaugh. Many items to think about, and I will say again the prose read like a suspense novel.

So, friends, if you care to read a thrilling novel, purchase: JUSTICE ON TRIAL

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