Monday, December 30, 2019

Review of IF SHE KNEW



Review by Author Roy Murry

I love a mystery, and this is a good one. Kate Wise solves the ones no one at the FBI can, but she is retired at fifty-five.

But she has antsy pants and wants to get back into the action when a friend is murdered. The family asks her to investigate, but her hands are tied because she has no official standing.

Then another event happens with her FBI supervisor giving her credentials to act as a temp-agent. With a new young partner, the action begins, but all roads lead to a dead-end.

Agent Wise does what she does well - think through all the events and never gives up even when she is taken off the case, and the police have their killer. Her efforts lead to an exciting ending that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

Short, romantic, and emotional. A child, Elana Smith, given the name in a hospital, grows up in the social service system of foster families after being abandoned.

That unfortunate situation leads to others until she joins a boy in foster home care. More psychological pressure enters her mind at the age of thirteen.

However, loving people on her life's journey help her adjust into a beautiful, intelligent woman. Then, at a traditional memory place, another trauma takes place.

When this happens, the reader will have a hard time stopping the tears.

The story is a small ninety-minute rollercoaster ride that will keep you pinned to your Kindle.

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Review of Bound

Book One in the
Witches of Doyle


Review by Author Roy Murry

Fairies were even less believable than vampires...Karin, the witch narrator of this Cozy Mystery series, mused.  I guess if you believe in fairies and vampires, you believe in witches.

There is a murder in one of the sister's coffeeshop that starts a whirl-wind of a mystery, both about three sister witches and a couple of other events. Karin, the logical witch, tries to unravel the illogical to save her sister from jail.

On the road to understanding the mystery, love, and death approaches when a vital clue comes to light. A spell is a crucial solution if it doesn't backfire on Karin. 

There are highs and lows to this exciting story of how three witches overcome generations of curses. If you believe in witches, you'll enjoy this adventure into fantasy.

It was a fun read, both genres I love to read - witches and a mystery rolled into one. Have some fun; spells are included.

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Friday, December 6, 2019



Review by Roy Murry, Author

I have paraphrased Matthew Pressman on a history of reporting, Chapter 1: Workaday reporters (Should) had to stick to the four W's and one H; who, what, when, where, and how.  The 'why' question (Should be) was beyond their purview. I put in (Should) because I, like many non-party-aligned voting Americans, feel that way.

In our world today, this is not the modus operandi of our Main Stream Media, according to what I have taken from Mr. Levin's expose of the current reporting the news. Too many progressive ideas are embedded in news content these days.

He goes into detail as to how media treats President Donald J. Trump vs. recent past presidents, giving the pros and cons of those endeavors. Also presented in the pages of his book are some ways in which other presidents used and abused the press, leaving the reader with the thought that President Trump has not abused his power against the media.

Mr. Levin's intelligent read was sometimes above my comprehension, but educating me as I followed along. His explanations are one of the reasons I recommend UNFREEDOM OF THE PRESS to you, a free-thinking human, and particularly college students of journalism for the insight into that profession.

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Sunday, December 1, 2019


A Citizen's Guide to Botched Putsches, Failed Coups, Inane
Invasions, and Ridiculous Revolutions

Ed Strosser and Michael Prince

Review by Roy Murry, Author

The title tells it all. I will add that humans do not understand history, or they would not continue to make the same mistake over and over again.  However, some humans, no, many humans, are just stupid and or vicious.

Mr. Strosser and Prince give a precise historical evaluation of wars that should not have happened, and others that leaders should have thought out before going ahead. Some conflicts are diabolically stupid.

I will not explain each nutty endeavor. I will say: I laughed and cried at the explanations the authors gave for humans murdered for ego, pride, and territory - confounding to an intelligent person.

The read is clear, to the point, and enjoyable. I will reread each chapter.

You should read it once to remind yourself that we are all human.

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