Sunday, December 22, 2019

Review of Bound

Book One in the
Witches of Doyle


Review by Author Roy Murry

Fairies were even less believable than vampires...Karin, the witch narrator of this Cozy Mystery series, mused.  I guess if you believe in fairies and vampires, you believe in witches.

There is a murder in one of the sister's coffeeshop that starts a whirl-wind of a mystery, both about three sister witches and a couple of other events. Karin, the logical witch, tries to unravel the illogical to save her sister from jail.

On the road to understanding the mystery, love, and death approaches when a vital clue comes to light. A spell is a crucial solution if it doesn't backfire on Karin. 

There are highs and lows to this exciting story of how three witches overcome generations of curses. If you believe in witches, you'll enjoy this adventure into fantasy.

It was a fun read, both genres I love to read - witches and a mystery rolled into one. Have some fun; spells are included.

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