Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Review of Hypnotic Redemption


Review by Author Roy Murry

The subject of multiple murders is pounding her head with her hands, screaming, "Get Out, Get Out." The police book her for the deaths of four people, and Laura, her name, is arraigned in court.

The problem is the police have no evidence - her fingerprints are not on the weapon in the murders. And, she says in hysterical ways, "I did not kill them."

Is she crazy, or does she know who killed them and will not say? The secret lies within her mind and body, which can only be revealed by a hypnotic examination. 

What happens after that is a paranormal adventure which will keep your eyes pegged to the page - an entity is in control. This page-turner is a read I will not forget. It is haunting.

The story will keep you awake for a few hours but worth the time: an enjoyable suspenseful, fast read for those who believe or do not in the supernatural.

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