Saturday, March 7, 2020

Review of The Dead Game



Review by Author Roy Murry

A whirlwind starts this paranormal cum vampire novel.  A house consumes a family of four, and the reader is left hanging in the thrilling prologue.

Linda moves into the town five years later and sets up shop meeting with what she believes are like-kind individuals, her friends. Among them is a man Todd who is a leader and not what he seems to be.

The group goes to a party at the consuming house, which has a secret history, and all hell breaks out - THE DEAD GAME begins. Who's who - vampire or not becomes the theme when the game starts.

The twist and turns of the novel are fast and thrilling. The list of players is many and range from local non-combatants to international villains - The Dead.

The writing is crisp. The characters are many—however, there is the main underlying attraction between Linda and Todd will lead the reader to the sequel.

I recommend getting both in The Dead Game story and read to the end.

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