Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Review of Rancour



Review by Author Roy Murry

The statement 'A gripping murder mystery' is a true one. This story set on the west coast of Scotland was more than intriguing. It keeps the reader wanting more.

The characters Detective Inspector (Retired) James Munro and his prodigy DI Charlie West, a female in charge of solving two murders, combine in their way to get to the facts. He uses methods outside the box, and she follows the system using her guts.

The way the Scottish do things and the banter of the police group, according to Brassett's writing, shows a strong bonding among officers. The predominantly written dialogue is fun to read, like calling a woman, dearly, a "hen.'

The murder investigations seem to be going in the right direction. Then Munro pops in, and West sees them in a new light with a few little nudges from her ex-boss.

A book eight in this series, the plot, the characters, and the style read as a complete individual novel without using background information to update the reader. Therefore, I enjoyed the conversations, people, and a mystery with no clutter.

Brassett nicked it or in the USA language - he nailed it.

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