Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Review of Caliphate Ave.

Caliphate Ave.
Leilani Graceffa

Review by Author Roy Murry

I have no idea why this story is titled Caliphate Ave. I have read it twice, and the story is compelling but has nothing relating to the Muslim caliphate.

I like reading well written short stories every once in a while. This gripping description of debauchery leads the reader into a discussion about someone we know, maybe a pedophile. When something affects one’s family, we take action.

Bradley's young sister finds a USB, and she thinks it's a bug; the story begins. What is on the unit is shocking; he does not identify any faces until it's too late and does not convey his findings to anyone.

His sister is ecstatic; she is going to meet her idle. Bradley has agreed to take her to the event before seeing the complete video events of disgusting endeavors with a face he recognizes.

The idles face is in the USB's videos. He takes her to the event. What happens next will surprise the reader.

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