Saturday, April 11, 2020



Thomas Sowell

Review by Author Roy Murry

Most of my friends and followers will not purchase this book, but they should if they have an inquisitive mind and willing to pay for it.
I & S is a textbook stylebook about how much of the intelligentsia affected history.

The Intellectual Elite pushed their agendas on society because they believed their ideas were correct, and everyone else was not. Mr. Sowell goes back into USA history and explains the impact of these ideas that confused society, moving it many times in the wrong direction, i.e., the Vietnam war and conflicts prior.

His dissertation explains many intellectual theories, concepts, and thoughts that became groupthink, many of which do not work in our society today. These ideas are throwbacks of another era that did not work then.

Explaining Karl Marx's intellectual elaboration misconceptions vs. Adam Smith's economic theories, Mr. Sowell boils it down to Intellectuals produce ideas, not results as an engineer will. If the engineer messes up, the bridge will fall. However, the intellectual will not pay the price for his errors.

I will leave you with this quote from the introduction of Intellectuals and Society: INTELLIGENCE MINUS JUDGEMENT EQUALS INTELLECT.
There is so much in this book; it is a challenge to write a review of all Mr. Thomas Sowell's ideas.

The read is easy to follow. However, the reader must put on a thinking cap.

I will leave it there for now. My Live-stream video on the subject reveals more. Video at Author Roy Murry (No 'a' in name.)

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