Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Review of Legally Yours

Spitfire Trilogy, Book 1


Review by Author Murry

Ms. French's novel is an entangled romance between (Spitfire) redhead Skylar and billionaire Brandon. The way they meet is unusual and embarrassing for Skylar and comfort to Brandon's eyes - he is smitten.

From that moment on, he tries his best to show his caring for her but makes classic errors. At each turn, she lays into him with verbal spitfire.

However, makeup-sex is so good that it keeps the relationship going until the L-word is said. That changes with the appearance of another woman.

He explains, and they are at it again sexually. Then another hurdle is written in a legal contract that is Skylar's last straw - it's over.

This relationship is a rollercoaster ride with sex in the highs and depression for both in the lows. At the end of book #1, Ms. French does her job - she hooks the reader into book #2 with a life-changing event on Skylar's graduation date from Harvard Law School. 

Well written. Free: https://amzn.to/2K626Ms

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