Thursday, May 21, 2020

Review of SAFARI

Tony Park

Review by Author Roy Murry

SAFARI is the first novel that I have read with the background of Southern Africa (Zimbabwe and the The Democratic Republic of Congo.) Mr. Park's descriptions of lands, animals, and human traits bring you into the hunt.

The prey in the hunts will lead the reader into an alarming shock. However, the novel is a little bit wordy with an interwoven love story that changes with the new knowledge of the woman involved in the triangle.

Pouching and killing of rare African animals are the central themes of SAFARI and a county's dividing line as to who can hunt and what will die in those endeavors. The killing zone is theirs, and if you cross the line, the government or representatives will get revenge.

I wouldn't say SAFARI is a page-turner, but the author keeps the reader interested with sub-stories of two women. One of them becomes an unknowing hero when the plot thickens at the end of a hunt—her love for a particular animal.

I purchased another of Mr. Park's books and am looking forward to reading it. You should add one to your library also for the thrill of learning a little about Africa.

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