Friday, December 28, 2018

Review of The Virtue of Nationalism

The Virtue of Nationalism
Yoram Hazony

Review by Author Roy Murry

The book I read before this was UNITING KINGDOMS by Oran Thaller which promotes a kind of Utopian Globalism. This book, as noted by the title, encourages Nation-States to stay individual countries opposing a kind of Kant's 'enlighten imperialism' - the European Union, an example.

Hazony: Nation-State - its internal cohesiveness, and its unique cultural inheritance - all of which must diligently be tended to if the nation is to grow strong, becoming a blessing to its own and a model and inspiration to others - neighbors. This situation cannot happen when another appointed controls the states as an empire controlling economics and the borders of those states, my interpretation of his original presentation. 

In THE VIRTUE OF NATIONALISM, Hazony makes an essential argument for Nation-States that Thaller does not in Uniting Kingdoms for Globalist controlling humanity. Attempting empires have been tried and failed - Last time it was Hitler.

Mr. Hazony's writing is to the point of using history, which many forget, to present his positions. I felt his book was a little boring at times and I had to reread some parts, but I believe he made his point -uniting Europe under one union is an error, considering what I have seen with the refugee problem put on the joined countries at the orders of the Central Imperial Government in Brussels.

I believe - The USA should not be the policemen for the EU government, NATO nor the United Nations and that Nation-States should be free to decide their future.

An essential read if you care about Humanity. 

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