Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Garrison Keillor and the Radio

Garrison Keillor and the Radio

Before the television was in every American home, before we had I-phones, laptops with Netflix, of watched a movie on our I-pads, we had what is called Live Radio Performances. Garrison Keillor’s Live Saturday night program was based on those performances that people sat around a large tubed object called THE RADIO.

To name a few of the 50s popular shows: Green Hornet (Thriller), Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis (Song and Comedy), The Adventures of Superman (Crime drama), and Strike It Rich (Game Show). There were many other popular – link below.

Keillor’s A Prairie Home Companion and All Things Considered were presented in 1970s. His programs incorporated live variety show with comedy and music for the radio audience of St. Paul Minnesota.

His shows ultimately reached millions in the mid-west of the USA. The show traveled and was tailored performed across America from New York City’s The Town Hall to Los Angeles’ the Greek Theater.

I got to know about him from Public Television where these performances amazed me. I was like watching the radio of the fifties.

What are you watching today?

Ellie Woods

Ellie Woods

Reese Witherspoon’s break through movie was Legally Blond where she plays Ellie Woods, a movie I have watched a number of times. Another of my favorites is the movie Sweet Home Alabama made in 2002.

I did not much care for Legally Blonde 2. There are just some movies that you should not make into a sequel and Legally Blonde was one.

Legally Blonde is about a young woman coming of age in college. Her boyfriend, who is going off to Law School says he needs a Jackie Kennedy not a Marilyn Monroe to get ahead in life and he breaks up with Ellie.

To get her love of her life back, she enrolls in the same Law School to his and everyone’s surprise. She is a logically smart woman with a mission. She reaches a goal of notoriety she or anyone would expect and finds a new love – the law.

I found this romantic comedy funny and well put together. For a fun Saturday afternoon or anytime movie check this out http://amzn.to/ZGXLWB

El Yunque

El Yunque, Puerto Rico

They say the rain lies mainly on the plain in Spain, but others say that if you want to see beauty and see what much rain produces, go to El Yunque, the rain forest, in the middle of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. It’s a shorter trip, you don’t need a passport, and most our Puerto Rican friends speak English.

If you go to this lovely island and stay on the beaches, you will have missed one of the many gorgeous vistas that nature has provided for us to enjoy. It’s a day trip if you are staying in a San Juan hotel. However, it’s better to stay at a close by hotel and stay for two days or more of your trip at one of these establishments: http://bit.ly/Zc8t7m

Then take your day trip to the old city of San Juan and have lunch at the famous restaurant Siglo XX http://sigloxxpr.com/ and have Seafood Paella that will tell your friends what the missed. Walk off that meal whether breakfast or lunch by seeing the sights which includes Castillo de San Cristobal built in 1783.

Controversial Walt (1819 -1892)

Controversial Walt (1819 -1892)

Walt Whitman’s poetry collection Leaves of Grass was an innovative group of poems because of its free-flowing verse. He writes about his philosophy of life and humanity.

Unlike, Emily Dickerson, who I wrote about was published a number of times in his life time. His poems conformed to the convention of the time; and he praises nature and the human action in it. He deemed the human mind as worthy of poetic praise.

He does this in his poems: "To Think of Time," "The Sleepers," "I Sing the Body Electric." He was also influenced by Ralph Waldo Emersion.

These poets were the background of American Literature and were required reading when I was in college. For me, they helped me understand the growth of America into a powerful force in World literature.

Coming To America, a #review

Coming To America (Film)

It’s seems everyone I knew in the foreign countries I lived in, wanted to come to America. However, not many but some, come to American to marry another person with the goal of becoming an American citizen.

In this movie there is a different plot, where Eddie Murphy’s character Akeem comes to America to find his bride. He does this not to get a VISA but to find a Queen in Queens’ New York City.

Unbeknown to the lady from Queens, Lisa McDowell (Actress Sheri Headley,) whose father owns McDowell’s, a hamburger joint, that Akeem is a prince who works for her father. She falls in love with him for who he is and he for who she is her. This love affair is cut short.

Akeem’s servant, Semmi played by Arsenio Hall, sends a Western Union message to the King of Zamunda that they are out of money. The king arrives to bring his son back home and finds out about the affair.

The comical ups and downs of this movie will keep your attention. You will hope all will be alright for the love birds. The king wants a break up.

The next to last scene goes like this: King Jaffe remarks that Akeem can't marry Lisa anyway because of "tradition," and tries defending himself by saying "Who am I to change it?" with Queen Aeoleon curtly responding, "I thought you were the King."

You can guess the ending. Murphy and Hall also play the parts of a barber shop three all. 

Can You Buy Love?

Can You Buy Love?

From personal experience, I have tried and it does not work. It did not work because the woman was a gold digger, a person who goes out with someone for their money and I was naively in love. Do not get caught in that situation.

In the young adult romance/comedy movie ‘Can’t Buy Me Love,’ a young man (Played by Patrick Dempsey) looks from outside into a world he thinks wants to be. He is in love with a young woman (Played by Amanda Peterson) who is in that click which is popular. He wants to be popular.

She has a monetary problem and he resolves it, asking in return her help in making him popular with that click. She does with reservations and gets to know the real young man by dating him, falling for him.

A break up, a fight, and a misunderstanding follow what would be called a good relation. This propels the movie forward to an ending that young people love.

I enjoyed the fun, conflict, and make up. Can’t Buy Me Love is a nice film to watch.

Get at Amazon:  http://amzn.to/1ne7yaC



Firstly, here is a personal note. I am apolitical and do not watch news programs other than watching PBS’ Mark Shields and David Brook’s commentary part of Friday’s programming.  

This profound statement ‘Calculus of Opinion’ caught my ear when David Brooks on PBS’ segment Shields and Brooks, used it. These political commentators discuss world affairs. He used this statement referring to the popular conception of the Middle East’s predicament.

They were talking about what people worldwide were thinking about the continued conflict there. Presently, the television media is putting the plus side on that of what they see as the aggressor by watching dead bodies accumulate.

The underlining concept of complete destruction of another society is put on the minus side and even forgotten.  Opinions will be calculated and will make difference in the conclusion, because they have been killing each other for thousands of years.