Sunday, February 11, 2018




Reviewed by Roy Murry, Author

Sam Jenkins, police chief in Prospect Tennessee, is a character that I cannot get enough of because he is what my uncle Lou would call spiffy. He has all the charm that the ladies love and that dirty criminal mind that is used to get the real criminal behind bars.

The novel starts with the killing of a young Korean masseuse after a new massage parlor is opened in town by an ex-hooker acquaintance who Sam cleared in an investigation of a previous murder and a lovely Korean woman. Trouble always comes in multiple for Sam.

There is a shakedown of the parlor and Sam investigates using all of his small-town police force, family, and friends. His and his wife's knowledge of Korea, his friend's abilities, and Sam's uncanny New York detective work sheds light at the end of the tunnel.

The way Sam Jenkins' mind detects baffles all his cohorts, including those in big city Knoxville, but he gets the job done. He is a softy at heart, but don't even think his wife knows how his mind works.

Mr. Zurl’s whodunit novels will always be on my bookshelf. This mystery kept me thinking to the end.

If you like a good book, try one of Wayne's:

Review of The Brodsky Affair



Reviewed by Roy Murry, Author

Jack Manton finds two pieces of Russian art while investigating on the internet and goes to Australia to retrieve them. From that point on him and his lover Tamsin, end up in an international crime scheme to acquire all of that artist's paintings.

While looking for additional paintings, Jack and Tamsin's travel from London to other European countries putting a puzzle of history and intrigue together. Unbeknown to them, an elusive criminal is following their every step, that turns into a thrilling give and take which interests Interpol.

People end up dead; paintings are missing, and a hunt for wealth pursue. The game will end in events that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Not all ends rosy in this Thriller, but I liked that. The couple and the criminals learn lessons they will never forget. However, life goes on.

Mr. Fry's characters are engaging, exciting, and colorful. The background work of each country traveled by the characters is well-developed and easy to follow.

Ken Fry's novel is worth a few Russian rubles.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Review of 12 Rules of Life

12 Rules of Life


Reviewed by Roy Murry, Author

"To Tell the TRUTH, or, at least, don't lie." one of Mr. Peterson "Rules," I'll pursue in this review, as I always do. I have watched some of his videos and listened to some debates he participated. The reason I bought this expensive book.

I was a little disappointed at first, but kept on reading, because I felt Jordan's sincerity in his words. However, I can say to you J. Peterson is not a Mark Twain whose writing brings smiles to my face when reading. Sad concern for the world came to mind reading Jordan's words.

Each chapter is a rule; all based somewhat on a Bible verse. Similar to a modern preacher, Peterson sounds better up and front, and in action, which I enjoyed immensely in the videos I watched. However, his writing was so articulate that I felt apathetic at times but kept on reading.

Some of his "Rules" did become clearer after my re-reading of the notes I took during my first read. Peterson is wordy and repetitive when getting his points across.

Peterson's philosophies and psychological interpretations of humanity were worth the read. As usual, I agreed with some and not others. Therefore, interested parties in those endeavors should purchase this man's understanding of humankind.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Review of Kings And Queens

Kings And Queens

Terry Tyler

Reviewed by Roy Murry, Author

This Contemporary Drama of Harry and the Lanchester Dynasty rivals with the American television drama series Dallas (1978 to 1991) and Shakespeare's Henry VIII. Knowing Terry Tyler's writing, I have read a few of her books, I decided to read a genre I usually do not - expanding my horizon. LOL

Will his best friend lead the commentary, while each of Harry's sexual partner's sign in, giving their interpretations of how they met, loved, lived, and enjoyed Harry's company, whether they stayed in it or not? Harry speaks through them.

As each well-written chapter developed, the reader gets to know the 'Haves' from the 'Have not's.' Harry is one of the 'Haves,' born into money and pushed into the throne of a wholly owned family company at an early age.

How he deals with the company, his wives, and his lovers tells us a story of a man who is expedient and lavishes the ones he cares for in his orbit. Harry's narcissism, lack of self-control, amiability, and gut feelings lead him to not care much for his future.

However, Harry's luck in business and the stability of a hard rock company founded by his grandfather goes on, while Harry and his children move into different dimensions. The Dynasty goes on to the next era led by his children with the youngest child, a male, at the helm.   

Will the Dynasty survive? Only Terry Tyler knows if she writes the second book in this possible series. I would enjoy that read as I have this drama.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Review of Three Odd Balls

A Cue Ball Mystery

Cindy Blackburn

Reviewed by Roy Murry, Author

I keep on coming back to Blackburn's novels because they are fun to read with an underlying theme of mystery that may or may not be easy to unravel. The characters are well defined and compliment Jessie, author, and amateur sleuth.

In this book, the bartender of enticing pink drinks is found dead in Jessie's mother's Hawaiian vacation bedroom. How Jessie's close inner group gets to Hawaii and the antics that follow are hilarious.

Everyone in Jessie's group gets involved with an original investigation which does not go along with the Official Police conclusions which are that one of her tourists committed the crime.

The events leading to solving the crime are funny, and near the end, deadly. As in all of the Blackburn's stories, Jessie is the center of an unusual conclusion that is exciting. 

I think this is my fifth of the Cue Ball Mysteries. I'll be back for more fun. 

Review of FRAMED

Black Swann Investigations #1


Reviewed by Roy Murry, Author

Reggie is the Black Swann. How she got that name is an interesting fact, as is that she spent prison time for a murder that Reggie says she didn't do. All criminals say that, but was she FRAMED?

A hearing finds, on some technicalities, that there is enough doubt that Reggie did commit the murder. She is sent back out into the world. Returning home, the Black Swann, an ex-detective, is asked to investigate a murder/disappearance by the people who helped set her free.

Using her abilities and the help of new friends, Reggie goes about trying to help a man she feels killed his wife. Although there is no corpse but evidence that a crime has been committed, she has a feeling. Has he been FRAMED also?

Little bits of evidence lead her in a direction that is highly unlikely by all concerned. However, when the information is put together by another, a shocking result almost cost Reggie her life. 

This novel has strong supporting characters and is an excellent first book in a series for the Detective genre. Black Swann Investigations will go on and solve more crimes with style and creative themes.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Review of How Not to Die

How Not to Die


Reviewed by Roy Murry, Author

Have you reached the time in your life that you realize death is near? I have, at age 70.

For the first time in my life, I was ordered by my doctor to take pills for cholesterol and high blood pressure. Having never taken a pill in my life, not even an aspirin, I became despondent but complied looking for alternatives.

How Not to Die came to my attention on YouTube from Lionel Nation. I looked and bought, reading and learning How Not to Die from Heart Disease, from High Blood Pressure, and many other physical problems.

Dr. Greger's central premise is to change your diet from meat-intensive to plant-based foods, eliminating all processed and junk foods that we Americans love for many reasons. Beans, Fruits, Nuts, and Vegetables should be the central foods eaten on a daily basis to lower the chances of a multitude of cancers and diseases.

His comparisons with what other counties consume versus what Americans do, the descriptions of how plant-based food versus processed ones destroy our immune system, and the proof of accredited organizations findings, gives a compelling argument to change one's diet.   

The book of "How Not to Die," will change your diet, even a little, as it has mine at 70 years old.  Dr. Greger's alternatives and writing are easy to follow.

Start today, as I have, purchase at