Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Review of Four Play

Four Play

Cindy Blackburn

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

A murder takes place outside in a High School parking lot at night. The victim is a teacher laying in an unusual position on a car.

The car belongs to Jessie, Romance Author, pool shark, and fiancé of the police chief, albeit all funnily are on shaky ground. She is ruled out as the killer, because one, she let a young friend of hers use it to go to that night's dance at the school, and two her beau is the head cop and knows her better than anyone.

From this point, Jessie and her friends go sleuthing to the chagrin of her soon to be married lover's desires. The dialog of the characters is humorist and telling, leading to some strange confrontations.

Little by little, Jessie puts the crime line into perspective taking the center of the investigation and directing towards the right reason for the murder which is sick. However, all doesn't fall into place until the exciting ending.

If you want to laugh, delve into a good mystery, and enjoy some likable characters, Ms. Blackburn has the formula you want to read. This novel is my second of hers I have read this year for the fun of it, six in total over the last four years.

Friday, November 10, 2017


Once I Was A Soldier

Daniel Kemp

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

The way people are brought up and the way they treat others in their growth will build their character. Melissa Iverson's silver spoon upbringing, her little maternal influences, and her non-conforming to her father's dying wishes produces a young adult woman who is self-involved, caring little for others.

When wealthy world traveler Melissa meets Terry, an undercover British intelligence service officer, her life becomes more confusing than it was. She never met a person like Terry. His mysterious being and his secret mission collide with her endeavors, including a maniac who is communicating to her that he will torture and kill her.

International events jump between the United Kingdom, Italy, and the USA, involving spy manipulators, a Presidential hopeful, and sexual encounters of Terry and Melissa and each with others. The interwoven involvements of those characters are what dives this thrilling novel to its end that the reader will want more to read.

I think there will be more from how Mr. Kemp wrote the last chapters. I have read a few of Danny's books and the reason I go back for more - He writes exciting and enjoyable novels.

Well done; purchase at

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Review of SNAPPED


C.M. Sutter

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

Jade, a newbie in the FBI, is on a learning curve and put in a position she should not have been. Her character well developed in investigating a crime but moves forward alone against a serial killer, which is not FBI's MO.

Jordan is on a quest to the right a wrong done to her family, which comes together with little by little as she kills her victims. Although Jade Monroe is the lead in this thriller, I feel Jordan's psyche moves the story along not Jade's education, and she gets one in confronting Jordan.

Both characters moved this predictable story forward. However, why Jordan SNAPPED is not and doesn't come to light until the shocking end. The highs are in Jordan's endeavors, and the lows are in the FBI's.

All in all, it's a good read.

Review of Shine On

Shine On

Allison Jewell

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

During the USA prohibition of alcohol, strange bedfellows came together to give the drinking public what they wanted - a stiff drink at the end of the day's work or just anytime. It also pitted law-abiding people and casual homegrown moonshiners against the law and criminals.

It sounds complicated, and it was the reason those laws didn't work. It's also why Ms. Jewell's protagonist Emmie, a young Southern innocent lady, ended up in a calamity of events she otherwise wouldn't have.

She was in the midst of a gang warfare without knowing it after her step-father was found dead; she finds a still on their property, and moonshine in a closet. Being a trusting and naive person, Emmie confides in her friends, one of which becomes her lover and, unknown to her, a purveyor of illegally distilled drinks at local joints.

The wooing process of Em and Silas turns into who trust who in the deadly game of supply and demand of liqueur in her hometown. Em's best friend, Ava from the wealthy side of town plays an integral part in both Emmie's and Silas actions until he takes charge of the game.

Allison Jewell has put together a plausible situation with historical background juxtaposed into the prose. The story keeps the reader interest in the characters whom I presume will continue in Jewell's next novel, Book #2 in the Shine On Series, another must read.


Thursday, November 2, 2017

Review of The KA

The KA

Mary Deal

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

Pyramid, Pharaohs, and Paranormal, the three Ps of this novel set in mysterious Egypt. Moreover, the writings are on the wall.

Chione has a gut feeling and dreams that lead her and a California archeologist team to the land of the Pharaohs to what is called a "Find," the business of digging up the graves of the ancient wealth. Each step of the way into "The Dig," she receives extrasensory perceptions and cryptids that lead to events that most may not believe.

Her friend/lover is also on the dig and shows up in what Chione perceives of two ancients' union. The ending of those relationships leaves the reader with the thought of what will come next.

During the dig, strange events happen which unravel. People die, go missing, and fall in love. What is learned from digging up graves? Nothing but much, the mystery behind a world that hasn't changed in centuries was nice to dabble into through Ms. Deals prose.

The detail in Ms. Deals writing is worth the read if you care about Egypt and Paranormal events. I found the read a pleasant diversion from my usual readings.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Review of the negotiator

the negotiator


Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

A wealthy CEO of his family's company, Sawyer, and Clover, a beautiful looking traveler of the world who doesn't make commitments meet in an unusual set up which leads to a negotiation immediately. Every meeting of the two after becomes minuets - individual dances to know each other even though their newly written contract says otherwise.

As an employee, Clover has a peculiar position where her talents endear her to Sawyer. Although Clover is waiting for the completion of the contract to be free from her responsibility, her relationship with Sawyer gets complicated in a way neither of them expected.

So, they negotiate that sexual endeavor that moves from fun to a hot, complicated emotional joining of their minds and bodies. And, this becomes another negotiating point of no return.

Although she is not happy with the union from the beginning, Sawyer's mother is pushing him to do the right thing by marrying a woman of his pedigree who will get Sawyer out of his business shell. Meeting with Clover, she is amazed at how the young lady changed her son - to her pleasure.

Of course, this leads to another negotiation in this fun twisting novel Ms. Flynn has written. Sometimes sexually hot, this fast-paced story was enjoyable to read.


Sunday, October 15, 2017

Review of THE WILL

Benjamin Laskin

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

Where there's a WILL, there's a way, is an appropriate lead-in for this review. Also, "Old School" vs. "Snowflakes" can be applied.

Jose, a young man, who has been living off his father's wealth all his life, comes to a turning point when his father dies. At the reading of the WILL, Jose put in a position he never thought he would be - he must overcome his laziness to receive the benefits of his father's hard work in two years.

Life's lessons, Jose miss-understood when growing up, he must learn to enjoy the fruits of the WILL. At first, he complains until put into a near-death position himself.

Making the turn towards reality, Jose confronts the tasks he must complete to live the life he wants. He muddles through with the help from unlikely sources (A Mexican chief, a man in a cast, a young girl with a medical problem, a Japanese fighter, a nurse, and others) that leads him to a new reality of why we are here on earth.

This novel conveys lessons we should all learn. One I like is "Readers are Leaders."

The prose is easy to follow with some exciting twists in events that lead the reader to believe in something higher than ourselves. The story is well interwoven with faith and reality.