Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Review of Dark Angel

Dark Angel
(An Angel Novel Book 2)

Jane West

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

This is the second in a series and I normally don’t read the second book in a series. However, Ms. West’s first, I enjoyed completely.

Stevie, the main character, is free from a confinement for crimes she didn’t commit. Coming out of a drugged induced environment, she returns to a comfortable situation but realizes that something is missing.

The world she was held in took something from her that is part of her existence. She wants to return to that parallel to get back what was taken from her. Her abilities are not fully developed but she pushes on to her goal.

In her quest, Stevie comes in contact with others somewhat of her kind, one of which she has affections for, as he for her. But conflict does not slow Stevie from her goal.

Reaching her goal is near, when the world is coming apart, and all is not well when this fast paced fantasy comes to an end that leaves open the door for the next in the series. Jane West leaves you wanting for more of this imaginary adventure of young woman who metamorphosis into an Angel of another world.  

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Review of Dream Angel (Book 1)

Review of Unsurpassed

(No Rival Book 1)

Charity Parkerson

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

Charity has a way with setting up an erotic scene and pulling you through it where you come out the other side satisfied in the encounter. In Unsurpassed, she takes the wet dreams of her main character Aubree about her gym mates Max and Ryan and spins it into an adventure that leads in another direction.

A conflict arises between one of the mates and a famous MMA champion named Drew. Aubree’s has additional fantasies which might come to fruition or not depending on her mates and their desires.

I won’t tell who did who, but each sexual encounter was a turn on. Aubree is satisfied with her involvement even if one or two of the mates weren’t. 

There are other conflicts among the mates which became brutal at one point. Hopefully, the conflicts will smooth out in the next in this series.

The ending was not expected. Some may like it, but some may not. However, it was a good lead into Book 2.

Saturday, February 4, 2017


None Dare Call It

Gary Allen with Larry Abraham

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

When I saw this best seller at a Paper Back Bookstore, I said to myself, “WTF?” ‘Conspiracy – who, what, where, when, why?’ went through my head. I bought the worn-down paperback for $2.

These gentlemen outlined a plausible take over of the world by members of The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Rooted in World Banking, they perpetuated the concept of Socialism and controlling the world population with their oligopoly pulling the strings.

This conspiracy started with names of men you know – Rothschild, Morgan, Rockefeller, and their families’ hand-picked wealthy cohorts over the centuries. Their banks and ancestors bankrolled warring parties, sometimes both sides of the battle, and presently control the world's currency movement.

They unscrupulously manipulated politicos and news around the world to keep them as the Established Elite. Allen and Abraham’s short discourse is up to and including the Nixon Administration.

The author of this review has done some precursory study of present day politics (2010 -2016), and has found that CFR was active in the Obama Administration, but not so in the new Trump government. This will be discussed at another time on my new Website.

What I will say is that this book filled the gaps in my understanding of what happening in the world and to me via Vietnam and college where I read CFR’s quarterly Foreign Affairs at our campus library. At the time, 1970 –’75, I could not understand their interpretation of the affairs of the world. I know now – it was propaganda to perpetuate CFR’s cause to rule the world – A CONSPIRACY?

You tell me: Book sold over 5 million copies.

Thursday, February 2, 2017




Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

Daniel Beckett is a detective that projects himself into the lives of many women who fall for his none committal aura. On his mission to find a beautiful missing young lady, Beckett, the smooth one, is interrupted in his quest by well-endowed and interesting women.

It’s not all play. The contract he has with an elderly wealthy gun runner to find his lost daughter is complicated, and it seems she doesn’t want to be found. Some of her acquaints give Beckett clues as to her whereabouts and extra curricula activity that is enjoyed by both parties, if you know what I mean.

The twist and turns of this adventure will keep the reader engaged. You won't know who the bad guys are to the end unless you catch the clues.

Piper’s story is not erotica, but an enjoyable where-is-she. The surprising ending will be a hair rising experience, which will bring the reader to thinking, "What is wrong with some people?"

The writing is smart, witty, and brutal as publicized. I add that it is also an unlikely endeavor that came across as near possibility. Beckett is a sustainable character but will probably die from too much sex in the third book in the series – funny, but true.

If you want a quick read over the weekend, this will do.


Sunday, January 22, 2017

Review of The Creature from Jekyll Island

The Creature from Jekyll Island

G. Edward Griffin

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

This horrific story about the history of the United States of America’s and the World’s financial institutions involvement in war and manipulation of the wealth’s of nations is incredibly poignant. Everyone, who cares about the future of the world, must read this interpretation.

In a storytelling flow, Mr. Griffin details the birth of publicly owned central banks, of which The Federal Reserve is one. They produce/print money out of nothing, and all the politicos get their piece of the action at the inflationary cost to the rest of the public.

According to the author, using detailed footnotes, wars and nations have been manipulated by the elite money controllers at central banks granting loans on both sides of warring individuals and enabled dictators. These events have been hidden from the public, as news is being controlled today.

Without going into details, I am appalled how world leaders a la The Council on Foreign Relations, World Bank, IMF, UN, and NATO, using Globalist goals, have controlled the futures of all countries. Griffin insists this has to stop, and I am inclined to agree.

If you care to know more of his endeavor to stop global politicians and monetarist rule over our lives, check out Freedom Force International

While reading this well written and supportive narrative, I can say that I have been enlightening about the political philosophies that are controlling our lives, and I am not happy about the world situation we are in. It’s where a few wealthy elite control how this planet will survive because they know best.

For a life changing read, go to Amazon.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Review of Obsidian Puma

(The Aztec Chronicles Book 1)

Zoe Saadia

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

Young people become of age differently. During the time of the growth of the Aztec nations, a person of fourteen summers depending on which layer of the caste system, he or she would be in school or working in a shop learning a trade.

In Ms. Saadia’s novel, each child is representative of the royalty, middle, and working class, and a female child of the working class brings the adventure together. The boys go out to looking for hidden caves, putting themselves in grave danger returning home with different types of wounds. One is missing through the night into the next day.

During the second sojourn, Chanti, the young lady takes charge of the group looking for the lost boy, who is more man than the others. We get to know the character of each member’s strengths and weakness.

The Aztec class system is at issue within the interaction of the members confronting the common enemy of their city-state. A lesson they learn is that a civilization needs complementary abilities to survive.

One member rises from a near death occasion, bringing about an ending that leads into new horizons for all the young people involved. The adventure binds them and the future of their country.

Ms. Saadia’s storytelling brings out the time and place of the Aztec Nation without being historically boring. Contrary, the lives of these adventurers is enjoyable and endearingly well done. Great lead in of a series.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Review of Unexpected

A Cassie Baxter Mystery

Cindy Blackburn

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

Cassie Baxter, a history professor, has become one of my favorite characters; and the people surrounding her are interesting as well. She, going through her normal work week and interactions, seems to come up with the answers to a mystery that no one else can see, including law enforcement.

In this case, someone is dead from a car accident near the lovely lakeside town in which she and her Si-Fi writer father live. Cassie receives an unusual task which presents problems. With much confusion, a child who has secrets as to what happened comes into her family’s care.

Blackburn’s writes into the core story secondary fun adventures produced by Cassie’s father and next door boyfriend neighbor that enhances the main mystery. They are enjoyable and move the characters and reader to determine who-done-it.

The writing is well thought out and easy-going, flowing along with few bumps in the road. You’ll laugh and like the tone that leads you to an explosive ending. Then all is calm for the Baxters plus two in Lake Elizabeth until a new mystery comes to a calling.