Saturday, March 25, 2017



A Legal Thriller


Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

An Attorney at Law has many options during his career if his credentials are excellent. Tom McMurtrie was one of Alabama’s best, and after a short career as a trial lawyer circumstance led him to decide to become a professor at his alma mater; the man called.

Fast forward; a major accident occurs, Tom is in trouble at the University, and one of his recent students, Drake, who he had an altercation with is called upon by him to proceed with the case for the plaintiff.  

Luckily, the story is not that simple. As the plot evolves, Tom's, his student's, and the people involved with the accidental crime infested case moves at a fast pace. The reader must pay attention to keep the characters and the events in their proper sequence.

This thriller is a page-turner: the characters are developing, and actions understandable; the backdrop of the case is constantly changing, and the alternatives of the plaintiff's lawyer’s case fluctuate as much as a yo-yo.

This legal novel is as good as it gets.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Review of Adios America




Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

Let me start by saying I am an Independent voter. I read this political book with limited political knowledge or interest in same.

Ms. Coulter's discourse is about where the United States of America is heading because of its immigration's policy (Legal or illegal). She details where we are, what is happening, and where we are going if we stay on the path we are following albeit before the election of Donald J. Trump as President of the USA.

I was overwhelmed by the information she outlined and chronicled using notes of accurate reports. If half of what she says is true, this country has been on the wrong path as far as immigration is a concern. And, if that path continues, America as we have known it will cease to exist.

The prose was somewhat above my political knowledge but was easy to comprehend with a little investigation on my part. The flow moved along smoothly and was enjoyable to read.

I feel this book is important to read if you care to understand Mr. Trump's lauding it and putting some of its principles into his policies while running for President, which was well received.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Review of Hostile Witness

Hostile Witness

A Josie Bates Thriller

Rebecca Forster

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

Firstly, I will note that Ms. Forster's prose kept me on the edge of my seat. The flow of this thriller was fast pace. She laid out the framework of a drama that one couldn't wait for the next turn of events.

The character Josie Bates, a lawyer, is developed and complicated. Her cognitive decision making drives the narrative in a direction the reader will follow with interest, enjoying the results.

In support, with love and concern, is her lover and ex-cop Archie, who fulfills Josie's needs as a friend, lover, and crime solving helper. Along with Max, Josie's dog, the legal conundrums are delved into.

This book is the first in a series of detective work, courtroom drama, and understanding of why people break the law. Conflicts are resolved but not always to the reader’s delight.

Ms. Forster has put together a good team that the reader will want to turn to in the future, as I will, to passed a few hours in Josie's legal world. I am looking forward to reading another courtroom thriller of hers.

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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Review of The Deep State


Mike Lofgren

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

As a Washington, D.C. Beltway retired insider, Mr. Lofgren gives the reader his interpretation of The Deep State of the United States of America – its government and how it functions. Interwoven within the policy making of the government are factors that have been inherent for over thirty years.

Decisions, that control our daily lives and our costly foreign policies, are somehow controlled by the personnel fixtures within all major agencies: CIA, FBI, State Department, Military, et al. Influencing movers and doers of the government, not the temporary elected ones, and long term legislators manipulate the direction of the USA towards a Globalist agenda.

Mr. Lofgren’s detailed scenarios of corroding government institutions that interact with corporate and banking to reach their goals are compelling. His evaluations of these threatening plots are somewhat disturbing even though hard to prove.

The influences (Career officials) throughout the government, according to Mr. Lofgren and somewhat valid, have directed the USA on the wrong path – Not Making America Great Again, but destroying our future as a world leader. In the final chapter, his not so utopian solutions are developed.

I found Mr. Lofgren’s thesis interesting, well developed, and profound. Although, his leaving out International Banking (A la Rothschild et al) other controlling individuals like George Soros and the Council on Foreign Relations , a little concerning. But you can’t put everything in one book nor open yourself to lawsuits.

The discourse is well worth the read for those who are inclined at understanding how government may work. Purchase:

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Review of Once Gone

A Riley Paige Mystery-Book 1

Blake Pierce

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

There is a mass murder out there - A story written about many times with different twists. And there will always be new ways of murdering a human in the future.

What makes Mr. Pierce’s mystery different is the introduction of Riley Paige, a working divorced women FBI agent. The murders are predictable in the genre. A man with a deranged mind kills women and places them in a doll like position for the police to find.

It’s the Riley character that is unpredictable in her gut feeling evaluations of the crime that leads to a conclusion. She is also was a crime victim of another deviate which at times clouds her movement.

Her partner Bill’s involvement is somewhat supportive. However, its Riley’s out of the FBI Box thinking and decorum that cuts through protocol which gets results. Her character is compelling.

Mr. Pierce has developed a character that readers will enjoy when reading forward in the series. And, the author’s final mysterious note on Riley’s pillow leaves the reader wanting to know what next could happen to her.

I think I'll come back and read Book 2.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Review of Rules of the Earth

Rules of the Earth: a dark
disturbing detective thriller

Wendy Cartmell

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

Sgt. Major Crane, an ex-military investigator, comes out of medical retirement and teams up with his police detective friend DCI Anderson to solve an English city’s mystery – a girl is found walking the streets, with an identity problem. She is also frighten out of her mind and doesn’t speak.

Under his jurisdiction, Anderson is baffled by the crime and asks Crane to help. In their first endeavor, with Anderson as the boss, Crane adds a new dimension to Anderson’s investigation team which seems to be lacking in ability.

This thriller dabbles into the occult that has produced the crime the child has survived. Then another child has been affected. Leading the team to fear, more children may be at risk.

The devil is closer than one may think. He is in a breakdown mode due to the fact he feels overwhelmed by his cult’s cohort’s inability, his family member’s pestering, and his unproductive work habits. In his breakdown, Crane and Anderson have their suspicions but can’t put their finger on the problem.

An unpredictable event occurs; Crane and Anderson go into action; and a thrilling ending leads you into the next book in this (Crane & Anderson Detective Series.) It’s as good as the Crane Series. Thumbs Up.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Review of Dark Angel

Dark Angel
(An Angel Novel Book 2)

Jane West

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

This is the second in a series and I normally don’t read the second book in a series. However, Ms. West’s first, I enjoyed completely.

Stevie, the main character, is free from a confinement for crimes she didn’t commit. Coming out of a drugged induced environment, she returns to a comfortable situation but realizes that something is missing.

The world she was held in took something from her that is part of her existence. She wants to return to that parallel to get back what was taken from her. Her abilities are not fully developed but she pushes on to her goal.

In her quest, Stevie comes in contact with others somewhat of her kind, one of which she has affections for, as he for her. But conflict does not slow Stevie from her goal.

Reaching her goal is near, when the world is coming apart, and all is not well when this fast paced fantasy comes to an end that leaves open the door for the next in the series. Jane West leaves you wanting for more of this imaginary adventure of young woman who metamorphosis into an Angel of another world.  

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Review of Dream Angel (Book 1)