Thursday, August 2, 2012

Legacy Forgotten by Nicole Hill

Review of Nicole Hill's

Legacy Forgotten

Reviewed by Author R. Murry

“Relax,” Camelita told her (Ailis,) “The answer will come to you.  Most of the time the answer we see most is the one we cannot find.”

This is the premise of Legacy Forgotten.  Kenneth, a vampire, is looking for his place in life, even though he has live hundreds of them.  Monolo is destroying the world is the center of.  Ailis is coming of age in strength and wisdom as a women leader.  All these main characters are looking for something that is right in front of them, but they can’t grasp it.

They are all interwoven into finding what is important to them.  And that turns out to be a Legacy Forgotten, which is found through conflict that is foiled by sanity of women’s love for an ideal – somewhat a love story.

Vampire lore and legacy, I have little knowledge of.  Ms. Hill makes it clear in an entertaining way to a novice like me through her literary descriptions.

All I all, I enjoyed the adventure into yore, but give Ms. Hill’s effort Three Stars, because the story was somewhat difficult for me to follow for one who has limited knowledge in Vampire oddities.  However, I believe the book would be a welcome addition to a blood sucker’s library. 

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