Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sarah's Dirty Secret

Sarah’s Dirty Secret
         By Charity Parkerson

Review by R. Murry

Sex is a major part of a healthy human’s life, but most people cannot convey what they did in the process of making love or they won’t say.  We just did it – a ‘70s saying, I know?!

It takes a special person to put into words the manner in which one enjoys that endeavor.  Charity is one of those authors that you tingle while reading her erotic prose.  I read this short story twice and most likely will another time in the future.

Ms. Parkerson takes a man and a woman, puts them in a confined room with a mirror, and the emotions rise to a temperature that is so hot the reader starts to sweat.  At least, I did.  I won’t go into detail, but just say the two individuals enjoyed each other’s bodies after 6 months of built up tensions. 

What they do to each other is tasteful lusting body touching.  They are intrigued with curiosity - he watches her play with herself and her in wanting to consume his manhood.  They both reach their climaxes, which moves the reader to think “What if?”

Sarah’s Dirty Secret is fast pace enjoyment into a world many don’t talk or read about – their lost. We’re only human!

Charity's links in #Interview @ Bubblews: http://bit.ly/S9mwXS

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