Sunday, January 20, 2013

Review of If Love was Enough

Two Short Stories by                  
Regina Puckett                        

If Love was Enough
   Balloon Wishes
(Angel Collection, 
     Book 1&2)

Reviewed by R. Murry

I took note of what an actor on the TV program Bones said the other day.  Yes, TV.  “God gave us words, so we could put wings on them.” Profound.

Ms. Puckett has put wings on her words in her two short stories that I recommend to be read one after the other, because of a common theme.  However, each holds its own as an inspirational motivator.

I’m a fan of Og Mandino, a Christian inspirational writer of the first caliber.  Regina Puckett’s stories are close to that degree of excellence. 

She takes a simple occurrence that has happened to everyone in the world – the death of a loved one and turns it into a faith changing event.  Her words - those of her characters figuratively speaking - sail into heaven.  One must have faith to believe this to occur.

Ms. Puckett’s main characters question their beliefs and are not always answered in the way one may understand, but they are answered.  These answers Ms. Puckett poses are faith based, but don’t impose a religion on the reader.

She uses Love as her main theme, which motivates us all to do what is right for ourselves.  Ms. Puckett conveys this well in her prose.

For two dollars, I believe, you will be pleased with yourself after reading these two well written Faith Builders.

All of her novels and short stories are on Amazon.