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Review of The 24

Review of The 24
(The Books of Kendra)             
Written by
Stephen Jennison-Smith

Reviewed by R. Murry

Jennison-Smith’s style of writing is cult bound.  He develops action scenes that bring the reader in, wanting to go on to see what next will happen to the main characters Kendra and his son Chelnuk. 

The reader must be attentive to absorb all the details of the other characters (Angels – good and bad, Giants – good and bad, and their followers.)  Stephen is careful with his presentation that helps as one continues to read this multi-level spirit/earth fantasy set in biblical times.

Kendra, the main character, has many abilities that humans are not endowed with because of his birth right.  This is another detail that should be understood when reading this adventure.  Most of his warriors are amazed of his abilities and faithfully follow him knowing he will be true to them – his charges.

This adventure keeps you entertained.  Heads roll a la Spartacus status.  Blood and prayer are the underpinning themes.  Bad blood against good blood of the giants involved in keeping each other’s existence perpetuated.  Hence, war is at hand to keep the trouble making giants at a controllable number.  Prayer is used to keep the faithful going into battle.

This second in Jennison-Smith’s series was enjoyable to read, but I would liked to have read a little more color in his prose.  This is a black and white series – good against evil that does have some shades of gray in it.  No pun intended.  The gray here is – who prays to the right god.

A good quick read that I recommend.  Where can people go to read Stephen's work?

Amazon at
or samples and some shorter finished work on Wattpad

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