Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Review of The Soul Keeper

The Soul Keeper                
Written by
Maree Ward-Russell

Reviewed by R. Murry

Maree has kept the story of a young lady named Melody with paranormal gifts alive and well.  The story goes on from book one into a plausible continuation that will endear you to Ms. Russell's style of writing that is colorful, as I noted in my review of The Transient  http://bit.ly/W8vGQa.

The universal spirits are in turmoil, the evil ones are trying to overcome the good spirits, and the events at Heartworth’s castle portal are bustling with the comings and goings of those spirits. 

Our young lady would be a Soul Keeper if you didn’t know.  To understand the full effect of a Soul Keeper, one must be of another power above her.  We get to meet her charge, a young or old ghost, which either way you interpret him – is young in spirit, but old in the number of years he has been a Transient.

His connection to Melody becomes knowledge soon after they meet, which becomes something of a delight to her – it’s connection to her lover, another Transient.   What a world they live in?  If it weren't for those non-transient lovers, life would be so grand.

But they are lurking.  They produce havoc in Melody’s world and her beloved friends.  Not to mention the castle itself.  There are too many disrupting episodes to divulge.  So I’ll let you read the two books.  That way, you’ll get to enjoy what I have – a pleasant read with romance in the air on many levels and a conclusion to remember Forever and a Day.

A great read for the young and the young at heart.   

Read Maree’s books: http://amzn.to/1IuMduE

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