Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Interview with Mary Ting

Interview with Mary Ting
Author of Crossroads

Questions: R. Murry

Can you tell me a little about yourself?
I’ve taught kindergarten for almost 20 years. When my grandmother passed away, I started writing a story based on a dream I had in high school. Writing helped me heal the loss of her. Never in my wildest dream did I ever thought about being an author.  Now I have five books saga--Crossroads Saga and a new adult—Something Great with more books coming real soon.

Do you remember the first story you wrote? 
I know this sounds strange from a person who loves to write now, but I didn’t enjoying writing before. So…nope. I don’t remember…lol!

Were you inspired by someone or something? 
One of my inspirations was Stephenie Meyers. She wrote her story based on a dream she had. I did the same for Crossroads Saga, but for Something Great, it was a request from my friends.

What do you like about writing a story? 
I get to write a story I enjoy reading. It takes me to a place where I escape from everyday life stress. The best part is sharing my story with readers. Hopefully they will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing them.

Can you tell us about your book? 
I have two series. Crossroads Saga is based on a dream I had. The main character mysterious goes to this place I called Crossroads through her dreams and comes across a group of nelephims, half human, half angel—romance and action based story. Book 1, Crossroads is currently free on Kindle and Nook.  Something Great is for 18 and over. Jeanna—a college graduate seeking a good job and steady boyfriend. This book is about friendship and finding true love, and not settling for second best. I’ve recently published a book called From Gods. It is about Greek Mythology in modern world.

What genre best fits for the book? 
Crossroads Saga and From Gods are YA and Something Great is New Adult/Contemporary Romance. Something Wonderful, book 2 of SG will be released 2/10/2014.

Are you working on something new at the moment? 
I have few projects. I’m working on sequel to From Gods and Something Great sequel—Something Wonderful, and another NA called My Clarity in May, 2014.

Do you have any tips for aspiring writers? 
If you are really serious about writing, don’t give up. Don’t think about it, just do it. Reach out to authors and follow them. That way you get a feel for how to promote and what to do. Many indie authors help each other.

Where can people go to read your work? 
Amazon allows readers to read about 4 chapters. When you click on the ebook cover, it will open up. You can also read teasers on my blog.

Do you have anything to add? 
Thanks for this opportunity. Here are my links to follow.