Thursday, October 31, 2013

Interview with Margaret Millmore

Interview with Margaret A. Millmore, 

Author of The Dragonfly Door 
(a modern day time-travel thriller/suspense novel)

Questions by Roy Murry

Can you tell me a little about yourself? 

I’m a native Californian, and have lived in San Francisco since 1991 with my husband Bryan. I’m the author of 5 books; Doppelganger Experiment and Books I through III of The Four Series via World Castle Publishing (2011, 2012, 2013), and The Dragonfly Door via Amazon (October 2013).

Were you inspired by someone or something? 

A few years back I was driving home from the grocery store, located out by Ocean Beach in San Francisco – the neighborhood is generally quiet and residential, suddenly I noticed swarms of dragonflies, they were everywhere, so many that I had to pull over to watch them. I couldn’t leave the experience alone, so I wrote it down upon returning home (the ice-cream melted a bit while I did this….). That’s where it stayed for a while, but I knew there was something there, it just hadn’t formed yet. A little bit later I was visiting family in Southern California during the Thanksgiving holiday, we were driving through the high desert and the landscape suddenly spoke to me, and the plot was born. It took me a little more than 3 years to bring this book to fruition, but it was worth every minute of it.

Can you tell us about your book?

The Dragonfly Door:
Most people would envy Frank Mann for living off a trust fund in beautiful San Francisco. But Frank was directionless and spiraling downward – lonely, drinking heavily, getting into brawls. He was sitting at a bar when above the gleaming bottles he first glimpsed the thing that would change his life forever.

“It was the largest dragonfly I’d ever seen. Its wings were silver and its body a luminescent blue-green, almost metallic. I swear it was looking right at me.”

But it wasn’t looking at him. It was looking for him. Because it wasn’t a dragonfly at all. It was a door into the future. And it was sent to find Frank Mann for one specific reason: because only he could save mankind from extinction… But success will not be as easy as stepping through the dragonfly door.  (for a detailed synopsis, visit:

What genre best fits for the book? 

This book fits a few different genres. First, there is a time-travel element, its integral to the plot, but it’s
not the plot, however that element puts it into the science fiction genre. The story itself falls under thrillers and suspense.

Are you working on something new at the moment? 

I’m currently working on a new novel that I’m hoping will evolve into a series. It’s a bit far off at the moment, but I can say there will be ghosts, and of course bad guys, I’ll toss some good guys in there too, just to balance things out.

Where can people go to read your work? 

All of my work is available at ( For more information, visit:

Do you have anything to add? 

I hope you have the opportunity to read my newest novel, The Dragonfly Door, and if so, please post a review on, the review is the lifeblood for independent authors and we very much appreciate the time you spend reading and posting. Thank you Roy, for the opportunity to visit your blog again.

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