Thursday, November 21, 2013

Review of Ado in the Meadow

Review of Ado in the Meadow
Written by Mary Danino

Reviewed by author Roy Murry

In the meadow, there is much going on. Young animals frolicking doing their thing, which is nicely illustrated in Ms. Danino’s story of a youngster who is gathering some fruit for his friends.

He is different from the others because of his natural persona that his friends love. However, the adults have a problem with some of his frequent disruptions to the meadow. And, this is where the Ado begins.

The animal (Child) is placed in a position where doubt festers in as to its existence as to who he is. This produces the child’s reactions. 

Mary's simple prose repeats these reactions with illustrations, which when read out laud will bring a smile to a 3 – 5 year old listening to your voice.  This book, I believe is to be read to a child the first time around or many times.

Ado’s main character redeems himself to the adult animals by saving the day. His friends were not surprised. The adults had to agree that he is a friend indeed and should stay in the meadow.

The combination of sound bites repeated and the illustrations makes this an enjoyable read with your young ones. Also, there are morals within the paragraphs. Christmas is around the corner; and I believe a book with illustrations of animals is always a good choice as a gift for a child.

Try this one, which I have read out laud twice. Cute. 

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