Monday, August 4, 2014

Breathless - Review

BREATHLESS (Blue Fire Saga)
Written by Scott Prussing

Reviewed by Roy Murry, Author

The world of the Vampire was opened up to the public with the novel written by an Englishman in the 1800s. See my +Bubblews article: Vampires are real?

Breathless is one of those novels that if you are a believer in Vampires, you may learn something new. If you are not, you will have an enjoyable time reading about a world that has become a popular diversion from reality.

Leesa is a normal teenage girl going off to Weston College for her freshmen year. The only difference between her and others is her relationship with Vampires – ones with two fangs and ones with one fang. See notes below.

She has two suitors after a few weeks at college. One is a Vampire and the other is Volkaane. She falls for Rave the Volkanne. However, Stefan, the Vampire, has other desires for Leesa to full fill and has a trump card – Leesa’s brother Bradley is a feeder for another Vampire.

You know there is a predictable clash coming between Rave and Stefan to end the story. It is not what you or I would predict though. It’s something off the wall. I’ll just say it is Stefan who has the final say.

This novel is well written and does keep the reader’s attention – Believer or Not. Some twist and turns, but straight forward reading.


Volkaane: a being that is full of Blue Fire. He is a Vampire hunter.
Grafhym: a one fang Vampire who is much weaker than a two fang one. His blood is tainted.

Feeder: a human who is used as a blood provider for a Vampire.

Funniest line in novel for me was: Leesa comes clean with her best friend Cali at college and says, “Stefan is beautiful but a little strange.” Cali replies, “Of course he is a bit strange – he’s a freaking Vampire!”

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