Saturday, August 30, 2014

How Bridge McCoy Learned How to Say I Love You

How Bridge Mccoy
Learned to Say I Love You

Written by Robert K. Swisher Jr.

Reviewed by Roy Murry, author

If you walked two steps forward and one step backwards, as you strolled through life, would you feel complete? Bridge McCoy did until events changed his perspective of life.
An author living in a small town and his life embedded in a small art district, Bridge finds himself in an uncomfortable position. He has fallen in love with the 185 pound hippie coffee shop owner, Vivian.  She and all who have befriended Bridge know him as an author who drinks his coffee BLACK and his beer in a cold glass with lime.

This is how he lives his life without additives, complications, or popular entertainment. He is a straight forward sarcastic and friendly drinker who writes for his pleasure, but is published and sells his books and other’s art in his shop where he feels complete.

When falling in love with his angel Vivian, he has one minor problem. Even though he is a writer of words: verbs, adverbs, nouns, etc., he can’t say the important ones to Vivian:  I I I I Lo Lo…, which is the center of this off center novel.

Make certain your funny bone is in shape, because if it isn't you’ll be hurting after many lines, chapters, and verses. I am still thinking about a line. I’ll let you find your personal best line and not give you mine.

I relate to Bridge’s predicaments and diversions, because I am an author of like kind. However, any reader with an inquiring mind will enjoy this read and laugh on and on, while reading the Dark Love Story.
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