Monday, September 22, 2014

Ameirican Hustle

American Hustle

Christian Bale, former Batman and American Psycho star, gave a realistic portrayal of a con artist in a thrilling story about the refunding of Atlantic City’s Casinos in New Jersey, USA. Politics and the mob come together reminiscing of a FBI 1970s sting called ABSCAM.  (See Link)

His side-kick barely clothed Amy Adams plays an alluring woman, who sugar coats situations, bringing in a mark. They are forced to team up with Bradley Cooper’s character, an FBI agent to sting politicians and the mobsters after being compromised.

Personal relationships explode to the point you think all the characters are going crazy over the stressful situations their put in. Bale and Adam’s characters overcome their predicament in the end.

Jennifer Lawrence, as Bales crazed love wife, and Jeremy Renner, as the popular people’s mayor of Camden New Jersey, are the supporting cast. Also, Robert De Niro does a cameo as a Mafia Don.

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