Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ellie Woods

Ellie Woods

Reese Witherspoon’s break through movie was Legally Blond where she plays Ellie Woods, a movie I have watched a number of times. Another of my favorites is the movie Sweet Home Alabama made in 2002.

I did not much care for Legally Blonde 2. There are just some movies that you should not make into a sequel and Legally Blonde was one.

Legally Blonde is about a young woman coming of age in college. Her boyfriend, who is going off to Law School says he needs a Jackie Kennedy not a Marilyn Monroe to get ahead in life and he breaks up with Ellie.

To get her love of her life back, she enrolls in the same Law School to his and everyone’s surprise. She is a logically smart woman with a mission. She reaches a goal of notoriety she or anyone would expect and finds a new love – the law.

I found this romantic comedy funny and well put together. For a fun Saturday afternoon or anytime movie check this out http://amzn.to/ZGXLWB

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