Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Garrison Keillor and the Radio

Garrison Keillor and the Radio

Before the television was in every American home, before we had I-phones, laptops with Netflix, of watched a movie on our I-pads, we had what is called Live Radio Performances. Garrison Keillor’s Live Saturday night program was based on those performances that people sat around a large tubed object called THE RADIO.

To name a few of the 50s popular shows: Green Hornet (Thriller), Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis (Song and Comedy), The Adventures of Superman (Crime drama), and Strike It Rich (Game Show). There were many other popular – link below.

Keillor’s A Prairie Home Companion and All Things Considered were presented in 1970s. His programs incorporated live variety show with comedy and music for the radio audience of St. Paul Minnesota.

His shows ultimately reached millions in the mid-west of the USA. The show traveled and was tailored performed across America from New York City’s The Town Hall to Los Angeles’ the Greek Theater.

I got to know about him from Public Television where these performances amazed me. I was like watching the radio of the fifties.

What are you watching today?

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