Sunday, November 30, 2014


A Cassie Baxter Mystery

Written by Cindy Blackburn

If only animals could talk, what a world this would be? Ms. Blackburn’s comical whodunit has animals in it that if they could talk, would have solved the case before Cassie’s antics, theories, and innuendos.

Escaping from her father’s breakfast, Cassie leaves in frustration early in the morning. While kayaking in her pajamas, Cassie comes across a woman’s dead body on Lake Elizabeth, Vermont. ‘Being in her pajamas,’ becomes the local small town joke when that body is not found.

Using hilarious and factual deductions, Cassie goes about trying to solve the case, stirring up the locals, who think she is nut case. This upsets the Sheriff, but intrigues the Captain of the State Police, who also thinks Cassie is a little odd.

Things do fall into place at the end of this enjoyable funny novel. Ms. Blackburn has presented a plausible crime that happen a very small town point of view.

Unbelievable is an engaging and pleasant novel that you should enjoy if you like animals and a good mystery story. And who wouldn’t like a well put together humorous mystery.

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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Review of Pope Joan

Pope Joan

by Donna Woolfolk Cross

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

Between the years of 853 – 855 AD there was a Pope after the death of Pope Leo IV who is left out of the Book of Pontiffs. In the history of Roman Catholic Church, the story of a person who reigned as Pope John is missing.

Ms. Cross brings to life the story of a young girl with an inquisitive mind in a period of time when women were considered to be without the capacity think. They were subservient to man according to “God’s Will,” and did as they were told.

Joan’s brothers are preparing to go to religious school and she has the audacity to ask why she can’t go to. Her elder brother takes pity on her and shows her the way that only men can go – school to learn the scriptures.

Thrilling and educational circumstances lead Joan through a labyrinth of events which graduates her status in a man’s religious clerical system that does not identify her as a woman. It is her knowledge accumulated over the years which elevates her to prominence as Lord of the Roman Church.

Her love of a man, which she vowed never to be complacent in, brings her, as Pope John, to her fatal end. Her demise as Pope is horrific, leaving no doubt of her sex

Well written, researched, and presented, Ms. Cross tells a tale, some would say is impossible to have happened according to limited records – the story is myth. Donna Woofolk Cross’ detailed story is a compelling vindication of the Pope Joan myth.

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Review of Reprisal


Written by Alfie Robins

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

Law and Order, NYPD Blues, and many other American police TV programs have been my education into how a police department works. Mr. Robins, in Reprisal, give us an in-depth look into the workings of a detective unit in a North East England police headquarters.

Detective Chief Inspector (DCI) Philip Marlowe is the “Boss” of the unit that has been confronted with a murder of unusual pathology. When a second murder presents itself with the same M.O., the unit goes into overdrive, believing that they might have a cereal killer at large.

The day to day procedures of looking for evidence and deciding where to move next, is what propels this detailed story forward. Mr. Robin’s Marlowe is the focal point of his unit - a normal bloke. The other characters in the unit are given their due per their relationship to the DCI.

Their investigation is slow moving until a van is tied to the murders. ‘Who is the owner? Where is the van?’ are the keys needed to bring their detective work to its conclusion. It was like finding a needle in a hay stack. When these factors are accomplished, all hell breaks out.

This story has its twist that keeps you reading. Much is hidden from the reader, but the clues are there. Mr. Robin’s gives the readers a surprising ending that they can live with. The novel peaks at the right moment – at The End.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Review of Book Clubbed

Book Clubbed

Written by Lorna Barrett

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

This story of murder is a lay back whodunit. There is a killing, but a somewhat none violent one in the storeroom of a book store owned by the protagonist Tricia.

Tricia and her sister Angelica are business women in a small tourist town that is in the off season. Angelica owns a restaurant. Hence, there is not much to do with few customers other than to solve the murder of Tricia’s employee.

The victim is not what everyone suspected which increases the interests of the sisters and propels the narrative forward. The case slowly moves forward to the end which goes up in flames.

Ms. Barrett’s story is a predictable one but intriguing in a pleasant way. There is no harshness in her writing which moves along smoothly explaining why the main character Tricia goes about doing the business of being involved without trying.

There was no heavy thinking to be done in reading of this novel. So if you’re not looking for a messy murder story, this novel is for you.

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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Review of Sleeping through the Beauty

Sleeping through the

Written by Regina Puckett

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

Love at First Sight has always been a controversial debate among Love Doctors. Regina puts a delightful spin on this – falling in love with a Sleeping Beauty.

Romance is in the air when one brother is invited to the wedding proposal of another. It’s a dinner party where the love couple takes off leaving the invited brother alone with the mother of the soon to be bride.

The mother introduces him to the essence of her other daughter, who is unavailable for medical reasons. His enchantment in that daughter leads to an unlikely romance story that will bring tears to your eyes – you won’t put this short story down until the last tear.

Romance is Regina Puckett’s forte and I will continue to read her works, as you should.

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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Review of The Shadow Princess

The Shadow Princess
      By Mary Hart Perry

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

When reading this novel I understood from the get-go that it was fiction. I was not looking for an accurate true crime story, which it isn’t. I was looking for a diversion and a good romance, which I know Mary Hart Perry is well versed in.

I found bought in this not so accurate story set in 1888, during the time a lunatic was murdering prostitutes in the streets of London. This background leads to an unlikely event - the commingling of a royal and the police detective investigating the crime.

Vicky, the daughter of the Queen of England and the widowed Empress of Germany, is given the task by her mother to quash the insinuations that one of the royals is involved in the crime. The queen goes off to Scotland and Vicky meets the detective, who is not Sherlock Holmes.

From here, Ms. Hart weaves her love story into the thrilling chase after the true criminal. Her lovers are Vicky and Detective Thomas. Their love is not the quick heated sexual kind but the deep routed connection that is lasting. 

This theme is plausible where social status is overcome by love. And many of these character's lines a memorable.

The novel was fast paced and enjoyable – a good rainy weekend read.

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