Sunday, May 17, 2015

Review of Wild Child

Wild Child
By Mike Wells

Reviewed by Roy Murry

When a young man is smitten with a young woman, and she knows it, she can get him to do almost anything. In Mike Wells’ Wild Child, a young man is talked into a situation he is uncomfortable with. Because of his relationship with his female friend, he gives in to her wishes.

Their adventure turns into a disaster. She is missing for a period of time and returns out of the green-blue water unhealthy. They revert to the source of her unpredictable evolution, and she is revitalized.

To stay healthy, she must return to the source. This happens a few times, where it becomes the reason for her vitality and continuation of living that is being challenged by society.

The story is unpredictable and is an easy, fast read. Mike Wells keeps you thinking what will happen next. A quick poolside afternoon read that will entice into buying the second book in the series immediately on your Kindle as I did.  



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