Monday, August 31, 2015

Review of A Circle Around Forever

  Robert K. Swisher Jr.

Reviewed by Roy Murry, Author

From the silence of the mind, everything begins. This I got from Freud’s writings, trying to answers Socrates’ questions, and reading books about the power of positive thinking. A seed is planted in the silent mind, and something positive or negative is produced.

Mr. Swisher’s tells the story of a young man named Shannon, who had read the Bible by age six, completed the encyclopedia by age ten, and could understand all known languages as a teen. With all his education, he wants to know his purpose.

Platonic love affair begins on the first day of school, and he is loved by his mother. But, Shannon can’t like either of them until he can understand why he is here on earth, because of the diverse voices talking to him.

He sees images, who are directing his life. Because of their connection to Shannon, his mother and his sweetheart Katrina see the pictures also - ghosts?

Before graduating High School, Shannon goes on his journey to answer the questions that Socrates used to stimulate his students: Why are we here? What is love? Who is God? , Et al. The events that follow lead to the end. Only you can decide if Shannon's questions are answered.

Mr. Swisher’s characters’ creative and somewhat challenging dialogs propel the story/journey forward. The dark thought that was put into the prose will keep the reader thinking. And the ending will surprise all.

I recommend this novel for those who have inquiring minds – seeds will be planted.

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