Sunday, August 2, 2015

Review of Lost Soul

Lost Soul
By Malika Gandhi

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

For you Ghostbusters out there, this is a good book for you. A spirit has taken up residence in her father’s Indian mansion for the last hundred years. India’s religious superstitions come alive when some villagers want to banish the spirit.

The spirit’s story is of guilt for the loved ones she lost. At times, she, the spirit, appears to a few villagers, who become her ally in her endeavor to ‘Crossover’ after finding her soul.

Mores of the past and present come together to bring the story to an end, where being a person is more important than following some precedent set down by ancestors. Love finds each of us in deferent ways no matter what our cultural background is an underlying theme.

Ms. Gandhi does an excellent job in explaining the Indian culture that is interwoven throughout this delightful story of anguish. The spirit finds her way after the visit of doppelgangers of the people she loved and lost.

This is a ghost/spiritual story you will remember.

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