Saturday, January 16, 2016

Review of The Bride Wore Dead

The Bride Wore Dead
A Josie Tucker Mystery

Written by EM Kaplan

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

There are people in the world who are observant. Josie Tucker, Ms. Kaplan's protagonist, is one of them. A food and restaurant columnist, she is asked to go to an Arizona spa, looking for answers to a puzzling situation arising from a wedding she was a bridesmaid in.

An unlikely person to go searching for trouble, Josie goes on the trip for a health reason planned by her doctor and because of a surprising and inquisitive conversation with the groom’s wealthy mother. She confronts a very uncomfortable situation in Arizona.

Accumulating clues confirming the bride’s mishap, Josie’s sleuthing comes to an end with consequences she didn’t see coming. Her handling of that situation brings her journey to a conclusion.

Ms. Kaplan’s story is intriguingly plausible with twists and turns that the reader will enjoy. Her style is cute and articulate, flowing in and out of scenes quickly. It’s an enjoyable read.

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