Sunday, February 28, 2016

Review of Feast Day of Fools

    James Lee Burke

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

There is so much going on in this thriller that a list of characters should be provided. It took me awhile to figure who the main characters were because each is brought into the scheme using hyper descriptions.

Mr. Burke’s novel is character driven, placing them into an unusual story where everyone seems to be criminals except the Sheriff Hackberry Holland, his deputies, a Chinese lady and a few others. Interestingly the criminals with their extremely complicated nasty foolish background, clash throughout the novel upsetting an American town.

Basically, this multilevel story with the backdrop of the Mexican border is a simple good against the evil narrative. The spectrum of good to evil and all its shade between is brought out using the characters personalities.

When the characters collide in a fight to show their superiority, again, Mr. Burke leaves the reader thinking – wow, that doesn’t seem right. His detailed style exposes leaves one wondering – are there people like his characters: so complicated. The answer is yes, we are all complicated beings.

Mr. Burke’s has written a well thought out novel, but I believe that his over description of each character slows down the beat of his prose. Less sometimes is better, leaving the reader to imagine a little.

However, the novel is worth the read. His more in characterization keeps the reader wondering what that character will do, and they don’t do what the reader may think while reading the beforehand narrative.

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