Tuesday, February 16, 2016



A Thriller by

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

Mr. Hankins writing keeps the reader engaged by opening intriguing doors. The first one is the front door of the lead character’s home. When opened, Caitlin/Katie is completely disoriented going through it.

Her husband, who is on the other side of that door, opens it, and her past comes into some focus. Where has she been all this time? What has she been doing? Did she kill someone?

Those questions and her real identity come out after the two of them proceed to literally and figuratively open many doors.  When the other doors open, you are lead on an interesting so journey of murder, theft, pedophilia events and criminality that unravel this thrilling ride through the protagonist’s life.

Locked in her mind is the answers.  They are so deep-seated because of her physiological state; she doesn’t know them. The doors must be opened to free her from her past.

Mr. Hankins’ writing keeps the reader on the edge while explaining how each character's story. Those individuals are colorfully put together.

Hankins’ main character has another side to her that appears when her brain clicks into a situation behind some of the doors. Her husband is confused, and her boyfriend is amazed, apprehensive about his part, and feels cheated.

The three reached the end of the complicated journey, walking through environments they thought they would never go through. It’s an adventure you’ll enjoy if you like THRILLERS.

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