Sunday, February 7, 2016

Review of Unexpected Gifts

Unexpected Gifts
Castle Mountain Lodge, Book 1
Elena Aitken

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

You have been hurt by a relationship that went south. This is what happened to the two main characters. Each is getting away from the proximity of their situation, ending up in a predicament that they try to make the best of.

They converse, comingle to the point of complete intimacy, and reach a level of personal comfort they have not experienced in a long time. Their friendliness and possible love commitment are put to the test when their individual history is confronted head-on by an unexpected interference of the past.

The winter wonderland environment surrounds the mating process, and each is enjoying the results. Love is in the air, and both adults are still questioning the symptoms of their relationship.

The novel comes to a peak with the results of this romantic comedy close to dissolution.  The couple, Andi, and Colin will end up with memories. Only by reading this well-developed story will the reader be filled with their romantic fix for the day. I read it in one sitting.

The novel is put together to gently push the reader onto the next chapter/ episode in the couple’s life. It’s a series, so one must be content for now with the somewhat unexpected conclusion, and will want to see where the couple goes from Castle Mountain Lodge.

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