Friday, March 25, 2016

Review of The Bad Lady

 The Bad Lady

John Meany

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

Children are the most vulnerable of any species. A mother protects and nurtures their precious ones, so they can grow up to be sane and healthy adults.

In John Meany’s The Bad Lady, a child ten years old is left on his own and in a situation that no child should be. He has conflicting feelings from unwanted physical contact to a so-called friend of his mother, who is living in a dual personality world.

The child's contacts mushroom into ongoing events where the child’s innocents are changed forever. After a ride in a Good Humor van, the child is in conflict and informs his mother. Her ‘Bad Lady’ side comes out, and the community they live in is changed into a war zone – Bad Lady against the Good Humor Lady.

The story goes into overdrive and leads to a fatal end. The child’s character narrates the beginning, middle, and the aftermath of a controversial topic –the problem of pedophilia.

Mr. Meany’s writing meets much of the criteria a well put together the story that will keep the reader interested. The only fault I could find, if it’s a fault at all, is that when the child’s character tells the story, he comes across as a well-informed adult.

Other than that, I found this psychological thriller, a read time well spent.

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