Sunday, March 6, 2016

Review of I thought she'd be prettier

I thought she’d be Prettier
           Diana Lee

Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

The United Nations rates the United States with the third highest divorce rate of 4.34% per 1,000 marriages. Of the richest countries on the planet, 53% of our marriages end up in divorce court. Other words, more than half of marriages in the USA end up divorced.

That said; we can put Diana Lee’s book/journal in perspective. The aspiration for that “Happy ever after” marriage is the fabric of most societies. Her protagonist is attempting to reach in her second marriage to a younger never-been-married man.

Ms. Lee’s main character Anna writes a journal explaining her one-sided interpretation of the events that transpired between her and her second husband. In the honeymoon stage of their bliss, they have two boys, and sex continues to be fantastic. I won’t delve into that; I wasn’t there.

Anna tells us of Sammy and his faults but never lets the reader understand hers. It might give the reader some insight into why he did some stupid things – funny at times and hurtful others  So be it. No self-analysis was included.

The writer of this journal goes on to tell us how she came across finding out her husband’s infidelity with maybe two women. She becomes a self-made detective to the end, while still living in the fantasy world of what I call the “Soulmate syndrome.” Wasn’t her first husband her soul mate at one time?

The writing was charming and comfortable to read, but a little wishy-washy. It’s wishful thinking that women are to believe that Mr. Right exists – he doesn’t. You gotta make do with what you got and be happy he comes home to you each night.

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