Sunday, November 13, 2016

My Rant: I am disappointed in my Fellow Americans

I am disappointed in my Fellow Americans

Note: I did not vote for Donald J. Trump or Hillary R. Clinton.

As you know, but if you didn't, I am a Vietnam Veteran with a college education and am well read - book a week. And I know and understand History, Geography, and Psychology, which it seems many of you don't.

When you are in a contest like the Presidential election, you know the rules are going in. It seems like many don't or didn't, because now and as in the past after the election is over, people want to change the system because their candidate didn't win according to the rules. Where were these people between this and previous elections?

Maybe they were too young. Then now you have a chance to change the system of an election after the vote of the electoral college votes as their States decided. You think you have that right now. Legally, I believe you can. I'll look it up.

But if that happens, a minority will decide the fate of our country, which is unacceptable to me. I would go to war over this move. How dare you tell me you change the system, after the fact, so the few in the electoral college can tell us who should be President? That move, my unknowledgeable, is Nazism. Pious few telling others what to do. 

The reason we have the system we have and our government founders put in place is, so a few States (California, New York, Florida, and Massachusetts) do not have the power over the rest of the country because of their population. In the present system, all States are on an equal plain.

Many candidates for Presidents have won the Popular Vote but lost the electoral vote, Democrats, and Republican, but they understand the laws of our Constitutional Republic. You want a straight Democracy move to Venezuela et al. and see what an uninformed citizenry get for voting for one person.

Lastly, if you ally with criminals like George Soros and Black Lives Matter to change our laws through thuggery, you will end up fighting a war against people who know how to fight, Like Me.

Have a safe Sunday and Life. 

Roy Murry


  1. I was trying to find a way to email you but you don't have one on this blog. So I'm just going to put it out there. My cousin Capt. Arnold J. Lapiner US Army Intel. I'm curious as to whether you ever met him or served with him.
    He's my mother's 1st cousin and the favorite of my generation. He was based out of Ft. Meade in Md. He talked very little about his adventures and it wasn't till I visited his grave in Elmira NY at the Woodlawn National Cemetery. We only knew about his service in WWII.
    His stone told us that he also served in Korea and Nam. With Purple and Bronze at the bottom. Buried to his left is his second wife. 1st Lt. Golda Lapiner another surprise as we didn't know she served. I'd love to hear from you if you knew him. Feel free to check the cemetery site to see their stones. I visited them both this past summer to place a stone upon their graves (Jewish Custom).

    1. I have not met the gentleman and am sorry of his passing. If I can be of assistance, my eMail is

    2. FYI if you do look him up in Woodlawn, it would be as Maj. Arnold J. Lapiner. He got that bump in grade when he finally retired. Google him. It's an interesting story (what there is of it). There really was a Monuments Men division of sorts.