Sunday, October 1, 2017


(Project Renova Book 1)


Reviewed by Author Roy Murry

How people react to a catastrophe that pits human against human for survival brings out the best and the worst in them. Add to this a devious plot, and you have this gripping novel that Ms. Tyler has given us.

She develops her numerous characters so that you'll remember them going into a short series most will enjoy. The leading character is a mum, Vicky, who wants to protect her teenager, Lottie, from the events surrounding a pandemic.

With the help of her lover Dex, Vicky overcomes a major hurdle that keeps her and her daughter alive in a cruel world where people are fighting for the bare minimum amenities to go on. Having been separated from Dex for a time, Vicky, and Lottie go searching for him at some safe house miles from their militarily controlled hometown.

Their adventure begins, leading to trials and errors that confront them, without the use of our modern gadgets we use today: TV and Internet service, iPhones, Computers, electricity, clean water, etc. You get the point. They find little security and maybe a future.

You'll have to read this book to see if they and Dex have a future together, which I will do in my future.


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