Sunday, December 30, 2018

Review of Fruits of Eden



Review by Roy Murry, Author

Warwick, better known as Styxhexenhammer666 of fame for his commentary on a wide variety of subjects, video voice comes through clear and accurate in his writing.  His detail explanations and extensive vocabulary are humorous at times while being historically understandable when he describes an herb and its origin.

Until reading this conglomeration of plants and there is a usage, I never looked around in the green section of the supermarket - I am a male product of the baby boom generation and eat what others cooked. Now, I will indulge in some of the herbs mention in Styx's index, Chapter X, which are fully explained by category in prior chapters.

This listing is comprehensive and enjoyable to read unlike a textbook on the subject: plants used to retain health; used for working curses; use in love and lust spells; and others. Funny: I didn't know eating radishes were good at enhancing male sex drive in some cultures. I would have consumed more in my youth. LOL

That example and other antidotal information about the green world around us, Styx educates the reader.  I, for one, will go back and read my notes taken while learning and laughing as I consumed the herbal essence of this work.

Friday, December 28, 2018

Review of The Virtue of Nationalism

The Virtue of Nationalism
Yoram Hazony

Review by Author Roy Murry

The book I read before this was UNITING KINGDOMS by Oran Thaller which promotes a kind of Utopian Globalism. This book, as noted by the title, encourages Nation-States to stay individual countries opposing a kind of Kant's 'enlighten imperialism' - the European Union, an example.

Hazony: Nation-State - its internal cohesiveness, and its unique cultural inheritance - all of which must diligently be tended to if the nation is to grow strong, becoming a blessing to its own and a model and inspiration to others - neighbors. This situation cannot happen when another appointed controls the states as an empire controlling economics and the borders of those states, my interpretation of his original presentation. 

In THE VIRTUE OF NATIONALISM, Hazony makes an essential argument for Nation-States that Thaller does not in Uniting Kingdoms for Globalist controlling humanity. Attempting empires have been tried and failed - Last time it was Hitler.

Mr. Hazony's writing is to the point of using history, which many forget, to present his positions. I felt his book was a little boring at times and I had to reread some parts, but I believe he made his point -uniting Europe under one union is an error, considering what I have seen with the refugee problem put on the joined countries at the orders of the Central Imperial Government in Brussels.

I believe - The USA should not be the policemen for the EU government, NATO nor the United Nations and that Nation-States should be free to decide their future.

An essential read if you care about Humanity. 

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Review of Uniting Kingdoms


Review by Roy Murry, Author

Uniting the Kingdoms around Israel or the entire world on a philosophical basis, mano-a-mano is a gigantic undertaking. Oran is on his journey of self-reflection, using a divinity named Arthur as his conduit to what is or is not the proper way to live.

The Kingdoms are the difference we have in the physical world. During Oran's wandering with Arthur, he reaches into the spiritual side of humanity, and how coming together on many different levels, the world will be a better place.

Overcoming common fear of another's religious prodigious or way of living is a beginning, I believe, the author is trying to say. When we do, all avenues of joining together as one world (Globalism) under G-d humanity will follow.

The story is followable but sometimes strange; there are many platitudes delved into, and moral conclusions he examines. The read is enjoyable.

A journey worth taking with an open mind.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Review of the Pink Panther, the novel


Max Allan Collins' novelization of the screenplay by Len Blum and Steve Martin

Review by Roy Murry

You most likely saw the movie but reading the print version is a hoot and a half. The screen characters come alive in your mind again reading Mr. Collins' novel.

ENTER INSPECTOR CLOUSEAU is a chapter that I read twice because it was so funny. The humor continued to the end even though two people are murdered in the mystery plot.

Clouseau, played by Steve Martin in the movie, comes alive in print to another level. I love words, and the way they were used in Panther made for an enjoyable afternoon.

The plot is simple - murder is committed; the Chief Inspector picks an idiot (Clouseau) to solve a crime he intends to clear up himself; and each proceeds - the Chief with many detectives and Clouseau with a hand-picked informer by his boss.

There is no clarity in the way Clouseau unravels the crimes, and the Chief thinks he has the murders solved. To see how newly made Inspector Clouseau detects is mind-boggling and un-Sherlockian, but he has the answers in the end.

I can't say this enough, a book you must read for the humor.  Oh yes, there is a mystery, but it is fun reading the events that lead to the conclusion.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Review of One O'Clock Hustle

One O'Clock HUSTLE

Review by Roy Murry, Author

Not what I expected of a Mystery, and I have read many; the genre I love. 

A Criminal and the Inspector are too close for comfort. Inspector Mayfield has a murder to solve and relies on Richard, a businessman with dubious credentials for guidance.

This novel is a setup for a cheesy romance story albeit there are some clues to decipher and the two (More him than her) proceed to solve the murder of one of Richard's pickups. Rebecca Mayfield is a pushover and puts herself in legal limbo by listening to Richard's story.

Their investigative conversations in her apartment (His hideout) and his two-man gang get to the route of the matter, while Rebecca's partner and lieutenant are not involved. Some suspense and a few conflicts are thrilling but, not a series I will follow.

However, Pence's characters are entertaining if you're looking for a continuing romance to read a la Crime. I was Hustled a bit for 99 cents.

A disappointing mystery read from a USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTOR. 

Friday, December 14, 2018

Review of Storm Sail

A Connie Barrera Thriller


Review by Roy Murry, Author

The Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea are the backgrounds of Captain Connie's thriller. She and her soon to be hubby Paul, pick up shipwrecked castaways on their way to the Caribbean islands.

The new guests, Gina and Dalton, are not what they seem. A psychological war to maintain control or takeover of the ship begins after one guest breaks into a box.

From there on, this thriller intensifies each day at sea, matching wits of the crew with some absurdities of their guests. The drama builds up to a surprising confrontation when Gina and Dalton find out the boat is near St. Thomas, keeping the reader on edge the whole voyage.

Dougherty's writing is always worth the "Dime" - enjoyable and all page-turners. This read was my second of the series.

Sunday, December 9, 2018


How Washington Corruption
is Worse Than You Think

Congressman KEN BUCK
with Bill Blankschaen

Review by Roy Murry, Author

After reading this book twice, I will continue to post my mantra ‘TERM LIMITS’ on Social Media until the end. BUCK, a Congressman, agrees with that policy which will never be proposed by the Congress.

Those limits and a Balance Budget must come from the PEOPLE via States’ vote at a Constitutional Convention for Amendments. But I feel, and I think this congressman agrees, unfortunately, will not happen because of the 'Making Congress a life profession' in Washington. 

BUCK has upset his cohorts in Congress with his PEOPLE FIRST attitude which comes across in his writing of various contra acts by the members. He gives the reader short explanations as to the character crisis of members in general, corporate welfare through lobbies, the government in a zombie state, and other oddities of the USA stagnant government.

DRAIN THE SWAMP is published in 2017 as President takes office, and BUCK makes his recommendations. It is interesting how little the American people are fooled by the ones they voted to send to represent them. 

The writing is clear and understandable giving the reader a shock of reality. I recommend the book for anyone who is interested in helping to DRAIN THE SWAMP.

Here is the interview that helped me to decide to buy this book. Interview of Congressman Ken Buck by Sharyl Attkisson on Full Measure.

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Review of Lady of Conquest

Lady of Conquest


Review by Roy Murry, Author

 "Keep Your Friends Close, But Your Enemies Closer," is a saying that is appropriate to describe the Lady of Conquest's main character, a Norman knight who was part of the invasion of 1068 Saxon's England. Knight Maxen keeps Lady Rhiannyn, a Saxon, close until he can find out who killed his brother. He died in her arms, and she doesn't know who threw the knife that did the deed.

The crux of the story is how close they get after many conflicts and disputes they and their countrymen have. Maxen and Rhiannyn learn that their people, as well as themselves, have common ground that can be built on.

Rhiannyn's beauty and her ability to sway Maxen’s strong-minded ebullient positions to do the right thing on many levels bring the two together over a period. Killings stopped, and a bright future is over the horizon happens when they bond to change the King's mind.

This medieval romance is not a normal one with its culture conflicts. I believe that the proper English language and decorum are used but not overwhelmingly.

Lady of Conquest is an enjoyable love story to read.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Review of Murder of the Maestro

Murder of the Maestro
Georgie Saw Cozy Mystery #6

Anna Celeste Burke

Review by Roy Murry, Author

If murder can be fun to read about, Ms. Burke does a great job making it so. Her characters are interesting and engaging, especially Georgie’s husband who detects and the cats who at one point find a clue.

The clues of The Maestro's murder lead everywhere, one could conceive but not directly to the killer.  Only one conversation does that, and if you do not read many whodunits, you will miss the reaction of that character – the accidental killer of the maestro.

Another crime is in play which confuses the reader following the murder of a witness. Ms. Burke hides this well, and one may feel the killer is the same person, which may or may not be true.

Don't fret, Georgie will summarize after all is said and done at dinner on the veranda with hubby and friend. You will be amazed at Georgie's deductive thinking.

Murder is a fun read, so don’t peek.

Review of The Intuitionist

The Intuitionist: A Novel

Colson Whitehead

Reviewed by Roy Murry, Author

The Intuitionist is the story of bias and racism in the world and a profession one would not think of - city elevator inspection. A woman of color becomes the first woman of color to get a badge as a City Inspector when new elevators were going up and down all over the city.

Lila Mae is an Intuitionist, which has a 10 percent higher accuracy in evaluating elevators as opposed to an Empiricist. Intuitionists are a negative group according to the guild, who don't believe you can communicate with an elevator.

One of Lila Mae's client's mechanism does a dead drop which leads to a significant professional upheaval. She turns into a sleuth to find the cause of the accident, hiding from the public and her cohorts.

In her investigation is a tale of corruption, deceit, bias, white male domination of a profession, and union battles. Where her story ends, is a surprise, the reader will applaud.

Articulate prose with racial allegories. Metaphors that will delight the reader, and images relating to a mundane subject as an elevator that is disturbing but understandable.

Intuitionist is an excellent read for the thinking mind.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Review of CAT'S CRADLE



Reviewed by Roy Murry, Author

If you want to think and like satire, as I sometimes do, this read is for you. Not the thriller, mystery, or romantic type of novel one usually read.

The chapters are short chunks of defecation on humanity and where it is going - religion is all lies according to his invented religion Bokononism which is a lie too.  You will laugh but cry inside. Science sold and manipulated by man will destroy humanity – end of the world.

Global Climate Change was not invented science yet in 1963 when Cat’s Cradle was published. If Vonnegut were around today, I would think he would be a "denier," based on his opinions within.

Vonnegut's John is writing a book about one of the men who invented the atomic bomb. In his investigation and interviews with the man's children and others on an island, he confronts questions of why humanity goes on complicating itself. 

When reading this novel, you should have some knowledge of the Cold War to understand Vonnegut's strong points of view which come through clearly in his dancing around the subjects of why we are who we are. At the time, nuclear war with the USSR was near. (North Korea and Iran today?)

This novel is a must-read for people who are intellectuals and those who think they are. Which are you?

Saturday, November 10, 2018


    The New Climate Science
    That Changes Everything

    Patrick J. Micheals
Paul C. Knappenberger

Reviewed by Roy Murry, Author

I have listened to Main Stream Media and heard many debates concerning Global Warming over the last fifty years. Moreover, when President Donald J. Trump pulled us out of the Paris Accord, I started to think about it again. Was he right in doing so?

LUKEWARMING came up in an interview. If you hated President Trump, like many, you would call him and others "deniers" and pay up accordingly to an agreement, not a treaty that President Obama signed because he could not pass it through Congress.

The wording of the original document was President Obama's dilemma. He signed another executive order in essence. Hail to the Chief.

The two scientists from the CATO Institute who penned LUKEWARMING, in so many words debunk the notion that the world is in danger of over warming to the point of the coastal loss in Florida (a 1989 prediction by Al Gore and others) and other HOT predictions. They write their truth about those government paid prognosticators whose "Sky is falling" ideas brought the craziest surrounding their predictions.

Using mathematical and logical comparisons, these CATO scientists present a simple understanding of what is happening to the earth that an individual like myself can understand. You will find too.

Cut to the chase: President Trump is right as these scientists suggested before him taking office - the Paris Accords would hurt only the USA and the EU. The rest of the world would receive funds for the wrong reasons.

Easy to read, with short paragraphs and uncomplicated descriptions of their observations. The read is worth the price, but it should be free so people could know the truth.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Review of ON THE HOOK

On the Hook
Smith and Westen Mysteries
Book 1

Cindy Davis

Reviewed by Roy Murry, Author

This mystery was a fun book to read, because of the characters investigative abilities which were nil, according to their interpretation. Smith and Westen are engaged to find a missing Picasso because of a friend's position as an insurance underwriter when the painting got stolen.

Each of the women has their problems and need the finder's fee, so they proceed to do due diligence in their quest. That search leads to some enjoyable confrontations, by interviewing the people involved in the action that brought about the theft.

The two detective ladies ask the right questions, but it is their ingenuity and visual perception that lead them in the right direction. Their combined talents would make Sherlock smile - they think out of the box and outsmart professionals in the task at hand.

I enjoyed the banter amongst the two and the prose of the author.

I'll be back sometime to see if Smith and Westen will shoot straight again with little bloodshed. 

Purchased at $.99:

Review of Under Dark Skies

Forensic Files, Book 1


Reviewed by Roy Murry, Author

Eames has abilities an average person does not have and her newbie partner Donovan shifts from man to wolf. Both FBI Agents are assigned to a case in the unit NightSade.

They are the main characters that the author spends much time evaluating - the case, each other, and themselves. Their stories are interesting and strange but give the basis of a good character driven book one in a series.  

Although the story of a cult they are investigating is good and suspenseful, I found too much repetition about the characters. The author keeps you wanting more, but the ending was anti-climactic not with a proper lead into book two, which I'll pass on.

Purchase: Free on Kindle

Sunday, October 28, 2018




Reviewed by Roy Murry, Author

A face-pace thriller where every chapter hooks you into another. The lead character ACTION says it ALL.

A global cult believes that their artifact is a powerful object and can control the fate of the world. Professor Action and his group of architecture students find a fact similar or the real thing in a Peruvian excavation dig.

There is a leak of the find, and all hell breaks out.  A battle by an influential ex-cult member begins to retrieve the object that placed together with others can change the world or destroy it.

In the middle of the war are Action, the cult, a powerful nation, and the English police department.  All the best firepower is used to retrieve the object of one man's desire rule the world.

This Thriller was well thought out and smoothly put together keeping the reader on edge. Read in two sittings, and I could not put the Kindle book down.

I get back to another Kennedy book later.

Purchase: Free Kindle edition 

Friday, October 26, 2018

Review of Something in the Way

Something in the Way, 1


Review by Roy Murry, Author

If you are into Romance novels, this series you may want to start reading. I sometimes go to the genre for a look see. Okay, I admit it, I am a Romantic.

I found this novel a little irritable because one of the characters is sixteen or her sister who is nineteen don't have their brains working correctly. The elder does what she wants but doesn't know what she wants.

The younger falls in love with a twenty-three-year-old hunk and thinks she knows what she wants with her psychologically screwed up mind brought on by her father's control. She is thinking out of her box she was put in for the last sixteen years.

This forbidden love gets her and all around her in trouble with an ending that reflects it. Child abuse is what comes to my mind by her father and a hunk that should have never entered their lives. Both he and her father should have known better, leaving the young lady alone.

The novel devils into many emotions which keeps the reader on edge. Young love is complicated, and this beginning of a series does an excellent job in setting the pace by frustratingly playing with those emotions.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018


A Taci Andrews Mystery


Review by Roy Murry, Author

I like a good mystery which you may have noticed by reading many of my reviews. DEADLY REUNION is an excellent one.

Taci, an investigative reporter, has a High School reunion coming up. In the meantime, some of her ex-classmates are involved with a mysterious event - a daughter of one is missing.

Taci's boss asks her to take over the case when the reporter assigned goes missing, another mystery.  When this happens, it seems that all her schoolmates come out of the woodwork, including one man who was a pain-in-the-ass when she was growing up.

In asking around, meeting with people she didn't care for in the school, which seemed to be mutual, she uncovers the real crime. Many turns of events lead to an explosive ending, literally.

Ms. Manemann's writing kept me on my toes and thinking of where Taci was going with her investigation. Ingenuity and guts are Taci's style.

The backup characters are interesting, helping to maintain an enjoyable series which may have a romantic ending too.

Thursday, October 18, 2018



Reviewed by Roy Murry, Author

As the world turns, there will always be OPPRESSION while religions rule part of it. Some have evolved for the better, but others are still medieval in nature when it comes to relationships of men and women.

OPPRESSION is about how some Muslims and Christians have yet to change concerning marriage - how women are treated. Two women, Layla a 16-year-old is forced to marry a 50-year-old man of the Muslim faith and Beth who finds herself in a marriage with a controlling man.

In this compelling story, the men are interchangeable and are somewhat a norm in strict religious sects. The women, however, are not.

Beth is English and lives in her home country where there are secular laws. Layla is forced to move from England to Egypt where religious laws out way ones that protect all humans - where men control the religion and a woman's destiny.

Beth and Layla's stories come together in an unusual way leading the reader into a drama, an adventure into a foreign land, and conflicts of how humans treat each other.  Using faiths that are interrupted literally, Ms. Noble's brings to light the cruelty of how they function – the good and the bad.

The novel moves through humanity's complicated relationships with clear-cut knowledge of the facts and the norms.  Beth and Layla live a journey no woman should experience.

Reading this novel helped me understand the world a little better.

Congratulations to Ms. Noble for bringing it to light in an enjoyable read. 

Well done.

Friday, October 12, 2018


An Esme Bohlin #Suspense Novel


Review by Roy Murry, Author

Esme's father dies during a strange circumstance, and she takes time off from the family company by moving into her father's home. By doing this, Esme finds a new family, her mother's which is an impressive group of characters.

Geoff is the man in her life while her father was alive. He is close but far away. Esme and Geoff are married, but they are not - a magical conundrum which will come to a head.

Esme comes to realize her magical potential after finding her father's book of tricks, her mother's improved health, and from a few special people. She realizes Geoff is a problem and most likely did some despicable things.

Events come to a peak when Geoff turns against her and others with demonic abilities. These events lead to an explosive ending a suspensive blast that opens the door to a book two.

This is a well-written story that kept my attention throughout its magical ride.

Saturday, October 6, 2018



How a Selfish Ruling Class is
Bringing America to the Brink
          of Revolution


Reviewed by Roy Murry, Author

The Ship of State is Sinking, according to Mr. Carlson, and I agree with his analysis and historical deciphering. He makes his case, names-names, and backs it up with facts that many have forgotten or never knew existed.

At 70 years old, he confirmed to me some of the USA's political background, that I had misinterpreted when said events transpired, because of MSM. Now, using Social Media, I get some of the facts that I would not have received had I continued with MSM only.

I use YouTube snippets to get the news, similar to Tucker's narrative, dabbling into how what is happening with America's division on central social and economic changes.  I concur we are heading in the wrong direction.

Revolution is a strong word he uses to convey crossroads that must be confronted to save our Republic. I agree with him that Americans must wake up to that facts and rectify this discontent with real solutions, or our Republic's continuation is in jeopardy.

Read in one sitting, Mr. Carlson's enjoyable discourse kept me thinking and laughing at the reality of it all, sadly. I'll keep SHIP OF FOOLS in my Kindle Library for a reread.

With all the books coming out during President Trump's first term, I am glad I bought this one. Personal Note: About 15 years ago, I did not care for Tucker's Commentary.

Sunday, September 30, 2018




Reviewed by Roy Murry, Author

Set in a High School environment and a community without a gang, Ms. Shay places a police captain in Cassie's classroom as an unlikely experiment in the real world. Out of that, she presents a moving stream of real-world events and relationships that will fare well in a series alone.

The characters are interesting, with the current era development, and plausible situations. The plot rings true with today's youth experiences.

The story flows well in the plot and has a few surprises. There is a love relationship in the making that may influence the outcome of the underlying background of a gang from the city infiltrating Bayview Heights High School.

I am confident that in book two the lovers will join together to stop other crimes. The novel is exciting and emotional but obvious. For a FREE read, it was good enough that I may buy another book of Ms. Shay.

Review of A PENNY for HER HEART



Reviewed by Roy Murry, Author

A friend of a victim of murder, Vanessa, and one of the lead detectives, Rachel, tells the story of Penny's life and the events surrounding her demise. 

Vanessa communicates to the reader, her history of who Penny was, while Rachel delves into the circumstances of finding the killer.

Vanessa and Rachel's path cross at many junctures of this enjoyable drama. Ms. Thomas, in her writing, crosses all the T's and dots all the I's in this convincing character evaluation of a crime and the people close to it.

When the reader reaches the end, the connection between the victim and the killer will be clarified, but who he is and why he did it will amaze you. It is a well-written mystery stand-on-its-own book in a series.

I’ll be back because I love this genre and enjoy the suspense the writer puts into her prose.

Review of WINGS

WINGS of a

Iris Yang

Reviewed by Roy Murry, Author

This story is a compelling drama that shows the brutality of the human race and culture clashes of three: the Chinese, Japanese, and USA Americans. 

Unfortunately, war by Imperialist brings them together in China before the entrance of the USA into World War II.

A Flying Tiger, American volunteer pilots who flew for the Chinese Nationals, has to survive from a battle. He does but with wounds that need time and mending, landing near a remote Chinese village.  

In the horrific events that follow, Ms. Yang weaves a love story of a country, survival, and the people surrounding the protection of the Flying Tiger. The names are not famous, what they do is immortal, where evil loses again.

Jasmine and Jack's adventures, the main characters, may have ended dramatically, but you'll have to read the book to find out. I can say, you will be shocked and distraught after the read, as I was.

WINGS is a swift and emotional read that you will not be able to put down. Take a day off and get ready for a tear-jerking ride.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Review of Winter In Ireland

Winter In Ireland
Montana Sweet Western Romance

Pamela M. Kelly

Reviewed by Roy Murry, Author

Two cultures meet in Ireland. Jen, after a break up with her longtime boyfriend, goes to Dublin to get background for the Romance novel she is planning to write. 

One of the characters lines is the paraphrase, 'All Romance novels have happy endings.' But does Ms. Kelly's Romance novel with Jen from Montana and Ian from Ireland have a happy ending?

All the signs are there except there is one Jen abhors, and that is Workaholics, a trait that Ian has. It's a complete turn-off.

Will his other charming traits, good looks, money, and family, bring Jen around to loving him the way he loves her? Well, it might be the reason to read this original conversational novel of two different cultures.

I bought the book because I am going to Ireland soon. This novel did give me a touch of its world. I was not disappointed.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Review of Sam' Song

A Sam Smith Mystery


Review by Roy Murry, Author

Sam's Song is a character-driven mystery novel giving the reader a crime to solve, but more importantly a new crime investigator - Sam.  The reader gets a character with whom they can empathize. 

She is a young woman in a male-dominated world out there putting her arse on the line (Story is in England.) Her psychological makeup keeps her from reaching its potential.

However, Sam makes due with hard nose intuitive and cognitive abilities that head her in the right direction. She gets help from a police officer that leads to the possible killers' place.

When reaching that place, what happens next is a cliffhanger. The event culminates with the loss of an ex-husband her current nightmare, the freedom of her client, and a future she believes is unattainable.

Great writing, fast-paced, intriguing characters, and an enjoyable first book in a series that made me buy book two in the series right away. Moreover, I usually don't do that.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Review of The Pixie and the Prince

and the PRINCE


Reviewed by Roy Murry, Author

If you love consensual sex, this gem you will enjoy. This short story will keep you in suspense and then laughing with joy - no dirt here, just fun.

Fantasy is a significant part of this minuet of love. People of one world are fantasizing about lovers in another. When it reaches the climax, all are happy.

The lead up to encounters is teasing to the reader, which I enjoyed. Ms. Parkerson has a way with words that excite a PIXIE into action and will stimulate the reader. 


Review of Princess of Zenina

Book One of the Zeninan Saga


Reviewed by Roy Murry, Author

Marina is the Princess, and in the first chapter, she meets Major Bromarsh and a group of misfits in an exciting event that highlights her abilities. From here, the saga begins.

All the elements of a strongly informative book one is brought to light. You'll meet the queen, the villain, and all those in-between ranging from skin color Blue to Gold - Marina's natural color. Some on Zenina can change colors.

The Major and his group is transported to the planet in a galaxy that Earth is not. It's a world dominated and controlled by women. Many men are slaves.

Bromarsh comes from another planet, With Marina's help and protection, he and the group become a part of the community while waiting for transport to their own. Strange happenings change his mind and body.

With minuets of adventure throughout this novel, Ms. Marks lays the groundwork for more excitement to come, leaving the reader wanting more on the final page. This saga is chock full of information the reader may wish to check the book's glossary when moving on to book two.

Well written, many interesting communities of characters, and an imaginary plot highlight this basis for a good Sci-Fi futuristic fantasy. Geeks of this genre will love that adventure.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Review of A Gift of Ghosts

A Gift of Ghosts


Reviewed by Roy Murry, Author

If you believe in ghosts, this is the book of spirits for you. Akira understands the spirit world, she thinks.

As a scientist, she takes her dream job offered to her by people who have ghost problems. What she brings to the table changes the way the Latimer family learns about their family which Akira facilitates - she can somewhat communicate with that world.

Interwoven into an interesting written story of spirits finding their way, Akira and Zane Latimer become close. These tales of many will lead the reader to think that maybe there is a world before silence.

Ms. Wynde keeps the reader's attention with easy to follow fun filled prose - ghosts have feelings and cannot wait to move on from their present situation. You want Akira to help them. But, can she?

I enjoyed the characters and the way Ms. Wynde presented them. Good Read.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Bleak Prospect Reviewed

A Sam Jenkins Mystery


Reviewed by Roy Murry, Author

Wayne Zurl has done a fantastic job of bringing the police crimes stories of Prospect, a small town in Tennessee, USA, to the printed page. This mystery is the eight in his series. I have read many.

Each stand on its own with characters who are enjoyable. Sam, a spiffy sheriff who arrived from NYC police work to a lady Sargent that runs the day to day business of the office. Spontaneous, trenchant, and intelligent conversations enhance the legitimate police work they do daily.

In this story, a prostitute is found dead inside town limits. However, the County has a serial killer roaming, and the case becomes a County matter. Sam following his instincts moves in the right directions apart from a Task Force.

The twist and turns lead him to an unlikely source for the County murders. Also, there is a riff in the Town's Council over the crime and other matters. The mayor gives Sam and his team terrible news.

Those events come to a head with an exciting conclusion the reader does not expect. This novel is another excellent, fast-paced mystery by an ex-cop. We will see what happens next hopefully.   

Monday, August 20, 2018


Think Like Sherlock
Peter Hollins

Reviewed by Roy Murry, Author

"Education never ends, Watson. It is a series of lessons, with the greatest for the last."
― Arthur Conan Doyle, His Last Bow

Hollins' book of how to think correctly is full of Educational information a young person should read and delve in. I was lucky enough to be trained by the best (Special Forces) at JFK Psychological Warfare Center in 1968 as my first Education after High School, so some of the principles he writes about, I knew.

However, as Sherlock might say, we learn something every day. How we use that lesson is crucial.  Hollins gives the reader much to mull over in a short space of time. You may want to re-read some ideas and put them to work.

Some are: how to critically think; working concepts of Pablo Picasso, Einstein, Henry Ford, and Holms, of course; Observations and Deductive Reasoning; Thinking Outside the Box; and much more.

Peter Hollins's writing is clear and concise. You will read, stop, and think about how you can use the principle in your world.  It is not a technical read, but one you will enjoy learning as you read.

I'll keep Think Like Sherlock in my Kindle as I have Conan Doyle's Holms shorts and novels, as you should too.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Review of Witch's Moonstone Locket



Reviewed by Roy Murry, Author

I did not know what to think when I started to read this witch's tale, a fantasy? Well, I purchased it, read it, and enjoyed the storyline with strange happenings around the characters.

Owls and furniture spirits talked; winds controlled out of the north and the south; and a locket that helped a bereaved person speak to a dead parent. These are just a few of this chuck full of fun happenstances of a well-written journey into the life of witches.

Janice wants to talk to her mother who died before she could converse with her passing - to the spirit world. So, she goes to the witches' carnival to get answers.

Janice receives more than bargained.  She meets Rowe; the short love story brought on by the powers of the Moonstone Locket. 

This locket does more than bring them together. It is a cornerstone of a witches' coven and sets the tone for the mystical tale that follows, a war of a witch and the complications therein.

You'll have to read this fun adventure. I didn't know there were witches, did you?

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Review of Trouble and Strife

Trouble and Strife
Ian Dodge Mystery, Book 2

Judy Nichols

Reviewed by Roy Murry, Author

Cool, calm, and collective is Ian with his English accent is at the sight of an accident in the making, as it seems. A wealthy customer of a friend’s suntan spa is found toasted in Room #3 and 911 is called. The mystery begins.

Relatives of the customer sue the friend's spa and Ian Dodge, a detective, is asked to find out the facts. With his new assistant Ruth, he goes about his business wooing everyone around him including the instigator of the events.

Complicated family ties are the motivator of the mystery which unravels smoothly as Ian investigates. There is death, and the reasoning is understandable but tragic.

This mystery keeps your attention because of the well-written character's dialog and their personas. It has a few exciting events that help too.

I'll go back for another of Ian's adventures in the future. 

Review of More Than Friends

More Than Friends & Forever: A Friends Novel


Reviewed by Roy Murry, Author

Intelligent tit for tat of two senior High School students who find themselves as a couple. Even though they are in school, I did not read one 'Like' this or that, which I like.

What I didn't like is it is a series with never an ending even in the third book Forever: A Friends Novel. At the end of the Forever, the reader will get the impression that the couple might break up because of the sound of their words.

Jordan has been infatuated with Amanda since eighth grade. Because of a breakup, Amanda turns to the American football star, and they become an on/off again couple. He cannot communicate his feelings resulting in Amanda uncertainty in where the relationship will end.  

All the background stories enhance the main one, but I feel it is overwritten. The main dialog between Amanda and Jordan seems too intelligent even for honor students, as portrayed, but kept me wanting for more after reading More Than Friends.

I would have liked to have read one condensed book for this dramatic love story. More Than Friends is a tease and Forever: A Friends Novel is a bigger one.

If you are going to read this story, go for it, and read all the books in concession.