Sunday, January 14, 2018

Review of An Innocent Client

An Innocent Client
Joe Dillard Series, Book 1


Reviewed by Roy Murry, Author

Legal Defenders of people accused of a crime to some are the scum of the earth. How could they defend a killer, a rapist, or a pedophile? Scott Pratt's Joe Dillard is a defense lawyer who has his demons, past, and present.

Joe and Caroline have a loving family because they worked at it and was derived from his income as a lawyer, most of which seem to come from defending the guilty. He gets these cases from judges that don't care for him, and the pay is not lucrative.

However, a significant payday arrives when he agrees to defend Angel, a beautiful young girl who claims her innocents, substantiated by the lady paying him a quarter of a million dollars to take the case.

Joe has other problems and cases going on at the same time. His mother is dying; his sister is a criminal, and a man he is defending is a multiplicative nut case, 'All in days’ work.'

Mr. Pratt gives the reader insight into the working of the legal system and how both the defender and prosecutor use that system to their advantage. The prose moves smoothly with some twist and turns. It was worth the price.

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