Sunday, January 21, 2018

Review of Three Odd Balls

A Cue Ball Mystery

Cindy Blackburn

Reviewed by Roy Murry, Author

I keep on coming back to Blackburn's novels because they are fun to read with an underlying theme of mystery that may or may not be easy to unravel. The characters are well defined and compliment Jessie, author, and amateur sleuth.

In this book, the bartender of enticing pink drinks is found dead in Jessie's mother's Hawaiian vacation bedroom. How Jessie's close inner group gets to Hawaii and the antics that follow are hilarious.

Everyone in Jessie's group gets involved with an original investigation which does not go along with the Official Police conclusions which are that one of her tourists committed the crime.

The events leading to solving the crime are funny, and near the end, deadly. As in all of the Blackburn's stories, Jessie is the center of an unusual conclusion that is exciting. 

I think this is my fifth of the Cue Ball Mysteries. I'll be back for more fun. 

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