Sunday, February 11, 2018

Review of The Brodsky Affair



Reviewed by Roy Murry, Author

Jack Manton finds two pieces of Russian art while investigating on the internet and goes to Australia to retrieve them. From that point on him and his lover Tamsin, end up in an international crime scheme to acquire all of that artist's paintings.

While looking for additional paintings, Jack and Tamsin's travel from London to other European countries putting a puzzle of history and intrigue together. Unbeknown to them, an elusive criminal is following their every step, that turns into a thrilling give and take which interests Interpol.

People end up dead; paintings are missing, and a hunt for wealth pursue. The game will end in events that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Not all ends rosy in this Thriller, but I liked that. The couple and the criminals learn lessons they will never forget. However, life goes on.

Mr. Fry's characters are engaging, exciting, and colorful. The background work of each country traveled by the characters is well-developed and easy to follow.

Ken Fry's novel is worth a few Russian rubles.

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