Friday, September 14, 2018

Review of Princess of Zenina

Book One of the Zeninan Saga


Reviewed by Roy Murry, Author

Marina is the Princess, and in the first chapter, she meets Major Bromarsh and a group of misfits in an exciting event that highlights her abilities. From here, the saga begins.

All the elements of a strongly informative book one is brought to light. You'll meet the queen, the villain, and all those in-between ranging from skin color Blue to Gold - Marina's natural color. Some on Zenina can change colors.

The Major and his group is transported to the planet in a galaxy that Earth is not. It's a world dominated and controlled by women. Many men are slaves.

Bromarsh comes from another planet, With Marina's help and protection, he and the group become a part of the community while waiting for transport to their own. Strange happenings change his mind and body.

With minuets of adventure throughout this novel, Ms. Marks lays the groundwork for more excitement to come, leaving the reader wanting more on the final page. This saga is chock full of information the reader may wish to check the book's glossary when moving on to book two.

Well written, many interesting communities of characters, and an imaginary plot highlight this basis for a good Sci-Fi futuristic fantasy. Geeks of this genre will love that adventure.

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