Tuesday, October 23, 2018


A Taci Andrews Mystery


Review by Roy Murry, Author

I like a good mystery which you may have noticed by reading many of my reviews. DEADLY REUNION is an excellent one.

Taci, an investigative reporter, has a High School reunion coming up. In the meantime, some of her ex-classmates are involved with a mysterious event - a daughter of one is missing.

Taci's boss asks her to take over the case when the reporter assigned goes missing, another mystery.  When this happens, it seems that all her schoolmates come out of the woodwork, including one man who was a pain-in-the-ass when she was growing up.

In asking around, meeting with people she didn't care for in the school, which seemed to be mutual, she uncovers the real crime. Many turns of events lead to an explosive ending, literally.

Ms. Manemann's writing kept me on my toes and thinking of where Taci was going with her investigation. Ingenuity and guts are Taci's style.

The backup characters are interesting, helping to maintain an enjoyable series which may have a romantic ending too.

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