Saturday, October 6, 2018



How a Selfish Ruling Class is
Bringing America to the Brink
          of Revolution


Reviewed by Roy Murry, Author

The Ship of State is Sinking, according to Mr. Carlson, and I agree with his analysis and historical deciphering. He makes his case, names-names, and backs it up with facts that many have forgotten or never knew existed.

At 70 years old, he confirmed to me some of the USA's political background, that I had misinterpreted when said events transpired, because of MSM. Now, using Social Media, I get some of the facts that I would not have received had I continued with MSM only.

I use YouTube snippets to get the news, similar to Tucker's narrative, dabbling into how what is happening with America's division on central social and economic changes.  I concur we are heading in the wrong direction.

Revolution is a strong word he uses to convey crossroads that must be confronted to save our Republic. I agree with him that Americans must wake up to that facts and rectify this discontent with real solutions, or our Republic's continuation is in jeopardy.

Read in one sitting, Mr. Carlson's enjoyable discourse kept me thinking and laughing at the reality of it all, sadly. I'll keep SHIP OF FOOLS in my Kindle Library for a reread.

With all the books coming out during President Trump's first term, I am glad I bought this one. Personal Note: About 15 years ago, I did not care for Tucker's Commentary.

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  1. A privileged white supremacist ranting about the advancements from "the good old days" when segregation and ignorance reigned.