Sunday, December 16, 2018

Review of One O'Clock Hustle

One O'Clock HUSTLE

Review by Roy Murry, Author

Not what I expected of a Mystery, and I have read many; the genre I love. 

A Criminal and the Inspector are too close for comfort. Inspector Mayfield has a murder to solve and relies on Richard, a businessman with dubious credentials for guidance.

This novel is a setup for a cheesy romance story albeit there are some clues to decipher and the two (More him than her) proceed to solve the murder of one of Richard's pickups. Rebecca Mayfield is a pushover and puts herself in legal limbo by listening to Richard's story.

Their investigative conversations in her apartment (His hideout) and his two-man gang get to the route of the matter, while Rebecca's partner and lieutenant are not involved. Some suspense and a few conflicts are thrilling but, not a series I will follow.

However, Pence's characters are entertaining if you're looking for a continuing romance to read a la Crime. I was Hustled a bit for 99 cents.

A disappointing mystery read from a USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTOR. 

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