Friday, December 14, 2018

Review of Storm Sail

A Connie Barrera Thriller


Review by Roy Murry, Author

The Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea are the backgrounds of Captain Connie's thriller. She and her soon to be hubby Paul, pick up shipwrecked castaways on their way to the Caribbean islands.

The new guests, Gina and Dalton, are not what they seem. A psychological war to maintain control or takeover of the ship begins after one guest breaks into a box.

From there on, this thriller intensifies each day at sea, matching wits of the crew with some absurdities of their guests. The drama builds up to a surprising confrontation when Gina and Dalton find out the boat is near St. Thomas, keeping the reader on edge the whole voyage.

Dougherty's writing is always worth the "Dime" - enjoyable and all page-turners. This read was my second of the series.

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